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Charging station case


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Apr 20, 2019
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
A heads up for this, now getting hard to find item.

I have had the charging station for quite a while now, so handy for basically a flymore 3 battery setup all there and plenty of charging / flight ability.
This item itself will be getting rare . . . for those interested, found the combo deal still out there charging station WITH the case on Amazon
(Note - apparently US power supply / plug.)

Anyway, this is about the case itself.
So nothing here in Oz left, found a CA USA supplier with them, on special, but they don't ship US, and they don't even accept ebay messages from overseas inquiries.
A very kind MavicPilots online friend was great and purchased this for me, and is shipping to me shortly.

For those with a charging station and would like the case, the best thing beside the extra robust protection, is the space for the controller too.
This was always my main problem with putting the charging station into a backpack when travelling (airline cabin), and the controller loose in a pack pocket . . . though I have stick clamp which makes it reasonably safe.
Once I get this though, it can all be there ready to go.

The ebay seller in CA . . .

Genuine DJI SPARK Portable Charging Station Carrying Case Bag **US Seller** | eBay

Not much of some accessories left out there, been so long now since the Spark was made obsolete that it's quite amazing you can get much at all still.

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