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If you live in the SE U.S. and want to train in Drone SAR techniques


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Nov 3, 2018
SE United States
I'm retired military and hold a private single-engine certificate with instrument rating, along with a 107 certificate. I'm interested in starting a volunteer drone SAR organization in the Southeast United States.

If you live in the SE and want to train in Drone SAR techniques, please message me. I posted a similar message on the Mavic forum. We're trying to start up Drone SAR volunteer capability in the southeast U.S. L'd like to put together an organization of drone SAR volunteers in the southeast. Where we get together bimonthly to train together. We could agree on a training location central to everyone making travel easier for everyone that is interested. Change the location every time to use different terrain. We'd like to meet and train together for the first time in April.

Pilots from TN, GA, AL, MS are probably most likely, although further ones are welcome.
Drone requirements can vary widely according to situation. While sophisticated speciality larger SAR drones have their place, fast deployment of first-on-scene small drones also have their place - i.e., rising flood waters and you want to try and identify anyone in jeopardy on rooftops, treetops ..... or someone trapped on a cliff, etc.

Everyone would be encouraged to bring their own drone. Anything from a Spark up is enough for realistic training. Training would include:
  • preplanning waypoint flights
  • flying waypoint flights
  • efficient utilization of drone resources
  • Drone search techniques: i.e., Route (line), Grid, Expanding Square, Parallel Line, Creeping Line, Helix, etc.
  • multiple drone searches
  • techniques for searching different kinds of terrain
  • multiple drone operations
  • joint operations with ground search teams
  • importance of solid incident onsite command structure
  • equipment a drone pilot should ideally show up with on a SAR mission
  • etc.
We've got a web site up. Note: this is NOT a commercial web site, but a volunteer web site for a forming Drone SAR organization in the SE United States.


Aside from Thunderdrones on the Mavic site, if anyone else in the southeast U.S. is interested please message me. Anyone is welcome to train with us but only 107-certified pilots can fly real-world SAR missions. The only cost is your travel to the training site and any costs associated with flying your drone.

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