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No QR CODE or PASSWORD.. No rc....

Hello MarRoh, is dit ook zo bij de Mavic Air. Sorry, verkeerd Forum, maar ik ben nieuw en kan me nog niet navigeren naar de juiste platforms in geval van een of ander probleem. Ik ben ook lid bij de Mavic Pilots. Mijn herkomst: BELGIUM (Brussels).
Hi Pejebe, I do not speech your language but with a bit help from Bing-Translate:

Welkom op het forum. Goed om te weten dat dit ook het standaard wachtwoord voor de Mavic Air is.

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Haha the blessings and the curse of translating sites! Thanks for taking the effort to answer his question, but actually Pejebe was asking if this was the same for the air, rather than stating that it is!

So for Pejebe: welkom op het forum! De voertaal hier is Engels, met weinig Nederlandstaligen. Ik weet het antwoord op je vraag niet, maar zal hem voor je vertalen.

(Welcome to the forums. Language here is in English, with only few Dutch speakers. I don’t know the answer to your question, but will translate it for you)

So, anybody know whether the standard wifi passeord for the air is 12341234 as well?
Hi, the default WiFi-Password is 12341234
I have tried that so many times I lost count. No matter what I try, even a different tablet, it says "authentication error". It flew fine the first time I tried it on my Samsung tablet. But then my kids inadvertently erased the passcode and there is no QR code on the battery. So do I need to get a hold of DJI and see if they can give me the passcode off the serial number? I really appreciate your help.
How can I register a drone with the FAA that I bought off eBay if the SN and QR code on the label are partially erased/smudged? Is it possible for DJI to associate the SSID (which I can see clearly) with the drone SN? All procedures I found online point to finding the Flight Controller SN, not the drone SN. Please provide a link to DJI if you'd had this similar problem. For now, I can only use the drone for flight training, not for commercial projects. Thanks for your help!


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