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spark drone fell vertically , the battery mysteriously turned off.


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Jul 7, 2020
My sister's daughter was having a party when she was 12 years old. Her friends came to celebrate. It was evening, dark, pleasant weather, and almost windless. It happened in Israel, in the northern area of a locality called Amona. Sitting in an open garden (a few trees around), I wanted to film a video with the dji spark drone which I have for several years, and I flew it quite a bit (sometimes there was a long break of many months). I raised the glider to a height of about 5 meters and a really short distance (about 2, 3 meters), and I started to videotape the children who were sitting around the tables. The drone's battery was about 60 percent. I started taking pictures, and when the battery reached a little over 50%, the drone ,simply , yes simply !!! drone fell vertically , the battery mysteriously turned off. the drone fell vertically with a thump to the ground.( I did not have to fly the glider so close to the children in advance, but that's not the point). I do not want a new glider, or come up with any complaints to the dji company that I really appreciate. This may be a programming problem that needs to be solved (I myself am a computer person and chief programmer). I will not fly any spark drone, and so I will recommend to my students, (I am a lecturer in computers, in college), until I know why it happened, because now I was lucky that it did not fall on a person's head, but tomorrow it can happen (to me or someone else) That it will fall on a person's head from a height of say 20 meters, then death is certain. I am not afraid of losing the drone but of an accident that could cause death. Each necessary file I will attach. Any document. Any video. Sincerely


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  • DJIFlightRecord_2021-10-07_[19-49-21].txt
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Apr 20, 2019
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Battery level 58% on take off too, not good to do that as voltage can be very incorrect, EXPECIALLY if self discharge mode was in place from storage.
It can lead to very rapid voltage drop and damage to the battery if done too often.

Battery health dropped within 5 seconds to a level considered avg, and another 7 seconds down to low, critical in another 9 seconds.

Could it be the batteries had sat for a long while since they were last charged?

That's my guess, it had self discharged to 58% and the OP flew without charging.
Just wanted a few photos and 58% from storage SEEMED to be enough for that.
If it had been flown with from fully charged with another flight shortly before this one, then voltages are more reliable.

If the battery was used from fully charged before this flight, then you flew again from 58%, then the battery is suspect, charge it up fully and test in a safe place where you can land quickly if needed.

I suspect though in this case flying from self discharge level was the reason for this, so fully charging again to test is recommended.
It should be ok, and afterwards it will self discharge to the usual % after whatever days it's set to do this.

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