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Recent content by dariomove

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    Spark Owners - What generation/age?

    37yo from Argentina, I enjoy my Spark so much, I travel to the USA every year (I’m a fan of Walt Disney World), I practice ski and snowboard! I live in the city but my beach house is my passion. I love to travel, life is so great and short!
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    Who’s on instagram?

    El Viajero Nerd (@elviajeronerd) • Instagram photos and videos
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    Who’s on instagram?

    @elviajeronerd [emoji5][emoji5][emoji7]
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    I flew my spark over a cruise ship...

    4K? [emoji849]
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    Finally got my drone !!

    Hello from Argentina! I’ve bought my spark 2 weeks ago in Osorno! So cheapppp (Falabella) Welcome!!!
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    Spark n litchi

    In iOS it’s not necessary the purchase of the app to access the beta
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    Hi/Hola! A brand new Argentinian pilot!

    I’m going next weekend to Costa Esmeralda, perfect place to take incredible shots and videos! [emoji5][emoji5]
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    Spark n litchi

    No, for iOS it’s free, you don’t need to buy litchi app
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    Today is Beta day!

    Thank you so much!!! I’m in the beta without the purchase of Litchi!! iPhone X working GREAT!!! Thank you so much!!!
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    Que problemas tenes? Es con control remoto?
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    RTH feature does not work

    Are you in ATTI mode? Or with GPS signal?
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    Hi/Hola! A brand new Argentinian pilot!

    Some photos of Bariloche, Black River province, Argentina.
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    Hi/Hola! A brand new Argentinian pilot!

    Hi Aldi!!!! Ty!!! I will go to the Argentinian coast in a few days, I will take some shots there! I’m loving it!!!
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    Taking off from a cliff, max altitude reached.

    Because of the GPS. I’m in beginner mode and in the mountain... and that is the exact over the sea altitude