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Recent content by tahoejeff

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    Hello from Wisconsin!

    The app I use is called DJI GO
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    Hello from Wisconsin!

    Flyweed, welcome! I'm in Baraboo.
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    Wildcat Mountain State Park

    I thought for sure I'd see an Amish drone in your shots. ;)
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    Hello from Reno

    Looking forward to Reno and Tahoe shots from you! I'm back in WI now, but loved Reno when I lived there for around 2 years.
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    Fall colors at Devil's Lake State Park-Baraboo

    Flying just outside the north boundary of the park, since WI doesn't allow drones in the parks.
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    Baraboo hills of Wisconsin and Devils Lake

    Whoa, better yet! Glad you said that. I never would have clicked the link, expecting it was to the same picture in the post.
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    Baraboo hills of Wisconsin and Devils Lake

    Love this! Would be a great angle once the leaves show their colors! Can't tell, is this taken from the north? Maybe Hwy DL?
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    Devils Lake, Wisconsin.

    The DNR has had funding cutbacks, so not many rangers or game wardens up on the bluffs from what I've heard. I'm not a big fan of the drone ban there, but on the other hand would not like to see 20-30 of them buzzing around while I'm out enjoying nature. People in high risk sports like rock...
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    Devils Lake, Wisconsin.

    Got my Spark back in March, looking forward to taking it to our beautiful park (I live 10 minutes away). Was really bummed to find that I could not fly there. Technically, you can take off and land from outside the park, and then fly over the park. But then they get ya with the always fly within...
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    Devils Lake, Wisconsin.

    It's a great lake for swimming and fishing. Only trolling motors are allowed (electric). Also all drones are prohibited in all WI state parks.
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    Good video editing program?

    They do make you hunt a bit to find the link to the free version, but it is there. https://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/index.html?fbclid=IwAR2gY2Ccqf-CGYftsGaRXkbkq0GMX8RSGedg4943xkp9QnDR0OAs9ShgLsM#102
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    IMU calibration

    Sounds like this is pretty common. Happened to me a month ago too. Just go ahead and turn the spark to wherever it says. They really need to make a change to the screen prompts to make it more obvious that you can proceed.