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  1. B

    Spark 360 mega-panos

    My first work that I feel is worth sharing. These are a series of 360-panorama photos I took with the spark. I've been having fun shooting these, and thought I'd like to take my Insta360 One X up in the air so I can shoot slightly higher resolution 360's than what the Spark was giving me. It's...
  2. D

    360 panoramas made with the spark

    Hi, this is my favorite usage : I started to use the automatic sphere fonction, but now I do it manually in the bracketing mode. Uzès seen from a Dji Spark from 30700 Uzès, France Let me know what you think.
  3. H

    Export 360 sphere to cardboard / vr viewer app?

    Hey, I love the 360 sphere photos out of my Spark! However, the subsequent export options feel... lacking, to say the least. When you download it to your camera roll it's a flat view (no way other than snapshot to extract the tiny planet view?), and there's no way in the app (or via e xport) to...
  4. T

    DJI Go4 - 360 Pano stitching fails on Galaxy S5

    As the title says, the stiching fails on a Galaxy S5. I've tried two phones, and the same result. I does work on an S8 though. Anyone else seen this? In short, the 'mini world' view is all squashed up in the center. See attached. I have pinged DJI support on the FaceBook :-) I have...
  5. Justin

    No 360 pano

    Hi! I've updated the formaware, my remote and ensured I have the current version of the dji go4 app but in my pano options I don't see a 360 option :( Anyone got any ideas? J
  6. sdharris

    DJI GO 360 Vs Hangar 360

    Today was not a great day for 360s with relatively high winds, shifting cloud cover and although the British autumn makes for nearly an all day golden hour it means the sun is low in the sky which causes stitching errors. However I thought I would try the same location with DJI GO and Hangar...
  7. MileHighSi

    Impatiently awaiting Sphere Mode

    Really looking forward to the .700 firmware update, which is said to facilitate Sphere Mode. Really hoping that (like the other pano modes) the originals all get saved to the SD card. In the meantime I've tried my own, although I need to find a way to fix the central pinch point. Sunset at Eco...