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atti mode

  1. E

    Frequent compass error and atti mode

    Hello friends. Last time, a compass error began to appear frequently. (Accordingly, the drone immediately goes into atti mode).A simple compass calibration often does not help. Give me some tips. How do you deal with this problem?
  2. W

    First encounter with the dreaded ATTI mode with my Spark

    Flying my Spark at the local park the other day the Spark went into atti mode. When I launched I was connected using the OTG cable from controller to my iPhone. I had 17 Satellites and hovered until the home point was recorded. There were no power lines around and only a couple of people in the...
  3. R

    ATTI mode Spark question.

    So I know there's no ATTI mode in the spark (without some kind of modification) but if the GPS goes haywire, the drone does go into ATTI mode. Not good for those of us who aren't great at flying yet. I saw a Phantom video where the guy said that when in the ATTI mode (available on the Phantom)...
  4. D

    Switches to ATTI Mode

    Hi, I been flying Spark since December with no issues; I think in that time it switched to ATTI mode once or twice. But recently while flying in my typical "test" area where I have never had a problem with GPS, it switched to ATTI mode once per short flight. Just wondering if anyone has seen...
  5. andy_drew

    Near Fly Away!! Please help!

    Hi, I had a really scary moment with my Spark just before Christmas. I'd just re-calibrated my compass and IMU before flying as I’d upgraded to the latest firmware. About 8 mins into my flight and around 34ft from me I got a high wind velocity warning and then a compass error. Then my Spark...
  6. bobnalyd

    OPTI to GPS to ATTI and then a crash...

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum. I have had the spark for a week now and have got some awesome footage here in New Zealand. On my last flight my spark kept switching from OPTI to GPS mode. I was able to take off in OPTI mode with 9 to 10 satellites showing so didn't worry to much as i was not...
  7. T

    Power failure during flight and return home in gesture breaks arm

    Dear fellow spark pilots, I was under the impression that in gesture mode return home would be deactivated, but today in gesture mode I didn't hear battery low or anything (since remote was way away from my ears) and while under a tree it activated return to home. Going up in the tree it...