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  1. F

    Battery Eject!!

    Hi All, just over three weeks back, I was flying with the intention of going as high as I dared, prior to the new laws coming in later this month. I took it to 500ft and all was well. I changed to S-Mode, had a little look around to check direction and location, then pushed full right. Off it...
  2. J

    Charging hot (warm) batteries

    I was reading around DJI forums and noticed people are dead set that charging a battery while hot is bad. I get it and realize this can be bad. My question is if it's really that bad with our chargers.. Can damage be done? If I place a hot battery on the charger, it won't charge until it's...
  3. S

    SOLD - DJI Spark Batteries

  4. C

    Battery latch clip missing - don't want to just throw it away

    One of my spark batteries is missing the small black plastic part of the retractable slider that sticks up through the top of the battery housing. Just on one side, and it's just the tiny little black plastic piece that sticks up to latch onto the drone, not the slider itself. Battery is...
  5. K

    Spark(blue) ultimate flymore package

    I'm selling my Spark on here first cause ebay charges so much for fees. I will do Paypal only. It has been flown less than 10 flights, no crashes. Here's what you get. Oh, the prop guards are in the gadget bag. I couldn't fit them on the table but I've never used them. All manuals included...
  6. D

    Charging Battery Problem DJI Spark

    Hi, I've received my dji spark RTF package recently and realize that there is one battery that is faulty, it does not work. The other one is fine, it charges correctly and it works fine with the drone. The problem is with the other battery, it does not charge at all and the charger gives a...
  7. B

    last Q for tonight! Spark batteries...

    firstly, thank you for all the help and advice today, brill forum! Spark Batteries? Is there any model to look for? I've just seen a 'part3' battery and it made me wonder if there were different batteries... Cheers!
  8. Vilco

    RCstyle DJI Spark Battery Power Station Base Dock Car Charger - Working with a powerbank

    Anyone has this charger? It's for a single Spark battery and can be plugged into a powerbank, so to be able to recharge while on the go. I'm guessing if it is good or not... Here is the page from italian Amazon: https://www.amazon.it/dp/B077ZM3XML/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_8VgAAbWRSCW56
  9. MileHighSi

    Battery got wet.

    I was flying on a beach recently, having used my carry case (the one which comes with the fly more package) as a take-off platform. I regularly do this on uneven or dusty (or in this case sandy) surfaces. However, it seems that this time I'd been a bit careless, as a wave came right up the shore...
  10. Wanderer

    Mixing Firmware Modules

    Is it allowed to discuss about mixing firmware modules here? The point is: currently there is FW .701 on my Spark. Since DJI released a battery update with FW 900, I would like to update my batteries to the latest battery module. But only the batteries! Since FW 701 is running fine on my Spark...
  11. M

    Battery Install Issues

    One of batteries won't click into place on the drone. Help. Thanks.
  12. K

    Battery failed within 24 hours. Did I overcharge it?

    Bought a new Spark from Target online (no controller and only 1 battery). I unpacked and started charging it yesterday (attached to the drone using the USB charger supplied with the drone). Also registered it and set up the DJI GO 4 app on my iPhone. The quick start guide said it would take 1 hr...
  13. His415

    Battery Eject Problem

    I was experiencing the feared battery eject problem and Realized that my spark had a bit of damage from a crash to the battery latch points. I made this short upclose video pointing out the latch points and where the damage was in hopes of helping others who may not know to look for it.
  14. S

    Usb Battery charger car adaper

    Hi All... I'm new to Spark and I'm wondering if is ok to charge the batteriers using the usb charger that I use on my car to charge my cellphone... I browsed a while on google but I couldn't find an answer... Thanks in advance and have a nice fly :)
  15. Thai Tastic.com

    Batteries that detach themselves in-flight :eek:

    :eek: This might be your reassurance Se requiere un control de seguridad Anyone else experienced this yet? I for one am now on my second Spark!
  16. B

    Intelligent Battery Indicator Error

    Hi, Just crashed my Spark into water, while waiting for it to dry, the battery indicators blink not normal. It started from Left to Right repeating blink that couldn't turn it off somehow. I've been google and look into the battery guidebook, none of them suggest any solution. Does anyone...
  17. D

    Simultaneous Charging

    I have yet to purchase extra batteries for my fly more combo, so I can't try for myself. But has anyone been able to charge 4 batteries and RC simultaneously using the power brick? 3 batteries on the charging hub, 1 battery in the AC connected to a microSD cable connected to the power brick as...
  18. Shawn Ide

    Will a Powerbank Work on the DJI Spark?

    Hey guys... Have any of you been able to fly with a powerbank? I tried it out yesterday, and couldn't get it to work. I ended up taking some cool tilt/shift video.
  19. S

    Battery charging issue

    Hi guys. New here so apologies if this has been duplicated somewhere. I got a Spark from Amazon.ca and live in Australia (only mentioning this in case it's a voltage issue). The issue I have is that the Spark's batteries don't seem to charge consistently via the mini USB. If I use a portable...
  20. T

    4400 meters range record with my Spark!

    I never thought i could go so far without signal lost... the first video i didnt have any signal lost. The second one i wend further, i had more battery juice...but still i had to make emergency landing... I was flying with 0% battery for almost 2 min... I want your thoughts Check it here...