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  1. C

    DJI Spark - No Focus in pics

    Hello everybody, I’m new here and recently repaired my Spark after it landed in the sea. I replaced the front sensor and the gimbal. Now everything is find and working again, except the photos. Its alsways looks like there is the wrong focus. If I take pic 10-15cm away, it looks find, but the...
  2. VID_20190721_055941597_m.mp4


    Poznan City in Poland.
  3. A

    Adjust Roll Gimbal is ok in -4...

    After my drone crashed because the battery was wrong, his gimbal was twisted on the horizon. enter a configuration and when I place it in -4 everything works ok! but I want it to be like before it looked good at zero. I already tried to re-establish factory values, clean the gimbal by blowing...
  4. O

    Mavic camera swap?

    Anyone ever attempted swapping the Mavic pro camera module in a spark. Looking at pics online, they seem very similar.
  5. Gungor AYAR

    How to record on sdcard

    For spark,I inserted a 32gb sandisc sd card,but I couldn't learn how to record on this card,when I slide open sdcard on the djigo4 but I see a warning.when this warning closes,the slide opened becomes closed again.to make short,how can I record my photos and videos on the sdcard?Thank you.
  6. Wanderer

    Spark auto exposure sucks

    I am flying camera drones since a couple of years now and I am very disappointed with the auto exposure feature of the Spark. It does a poor job compared to a GoPro or even a Mobius or a 30 EUR FPV Runcam. All of these cams handle auto exposure quite well and in many cases almost unnoticeable...
  7. T

    Recalibrate tilted camera?

    So my camera is tilted to the side horizontally, is there anything I can do to fix this or can I recalibrate it?
  8. T

    Camera came out of gimbal

    So I crashed my Spark and the camera popped out of the gimbal. I tried to push it back in and it looks like it should just pop back in but I tried and it feels like I’m going to push to hard and it’s going to break. All the wires still work and I can turn it on. It still works except for the...
  9. T

    Camera came out of gimbal

    So I crashed my Spark and the camera popped out of the gimbal. It looks like you should be able to just push it back in but I have tried and it feels like I am going to push on it to hard and break it. If anyone knows a special trick or something to get it back in that would be great. I can...