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compass error

  1. A

    Compass Error - Curve Camera Horizon

    Hello comrades. Recently, my drone had a problem - with an average wind, a compass error immediately appears and the camera goes crazy. What is the problem? Tell me where to look for a fault.
  2. K

    Compass Error

    Hi Sorry to add to the threads on this but I can't find anything specific to this issue. I was flying my spark this morning and was consistently getting a compass error at about 16m altitude. No error when flying close to the ground but as soon as it hits 16m the compass error flag goes up...
  3. S

    Compass Error help needed

    hey guys i am new to forum but not new to this hobby i have been flying since last 6 7 years been flying rc helis and planes and been using phantom 1 and 3 since last 4 years i recently bought spark 3 months ago and loving it until today something very strange happened it was all good after 4 5...
  4. L

    Problems with compass

    I have some problems with the compass calibration. Apears the message: strong magnetic field... Do you have a different method to Apply? Thanks!
  5. andy_drew

    Near Fly Away!! Please help!

    Hi, I had a really scary moment with my Spark just before Christmas. I'd just re-calibrated my compass and IMU before flying as I’d upgraded to the latest firmware. About 8 mins into my flight and around 34ft from me I got a high wind velocity warning and then a compass error. Then my Spark...
  6. Y

    Spark initiated a forced landing - analysis assistance required

    Hello all, Today I freaked out a bit because I almost had an accident with the little Sparky. I d like to request some assistance and feedback from you to make sure I understand what happened and to avoid this to happen again. Still new with the Spark, only one month or so of flying it. I was...
  7. D

    Flyaway after 3 days of purchase! July 4th Mayhem!

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to share my recent experience. I took my Spark out for a fly on July 4th (to shoot the sunset, fireworks, etc), and my bird got rogue. Everything was looking perfect, my GPS signal was fine, three days before this I did a firmware update, the compass was green, etc...