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compass error

  1. AdoraSlimi

    Compass is going crazy

    Hey. I got a problem. My drone constantly shows a compass error. The compass is always in the red zone. And it’s very bad that calibration does not help. Give some advice please. What to do?
  2. E

    Frequent compass error and atti mode

    Hello friends. Last time, a compass error began to appear frequently. (Accordingly, the drone immediately goes into atti mode).A simple compass calibration often does not help. Give me some tips. How do you deal with this problem?
  3. A

    Compass Error - Curve Camera Horizon

    Hello comrades. Recently, my drone had a problem - with an average wind, a compass error immediately appears and the camera goes crazy. What is the problem? Tell me where to look for a fault.
  4. K

    Compass Error

    Hi Sorry to add to the threads on this but I can't find anything specific to this issue. I was flying my spark this morning and was consistently getting a compass error at about 16m altitude. No error when flying close to the ground but as soon as it hits 16m the compass error flag goes up...
  5. S

    Compass Error help needed

    hey guys i am new to forum but not new to this hobby i have been flying since last 6 7 years been flying rc helis and planes and been using phantom 1 and 3 since last 4 years i recently bought spark 3 months ago and loving it until today something very strange happened it was all good after 4 5...
  6. L

    Problems with compass

    I have some problems with the compass calibration. Apears the message: strong magnetic field... Do you have a different method to Apply? Thanks!
  7. andy_drew

    Near Fly Away!! Please help!

    Hi, I had a really scary moment with my Spark just before Christmas. I'd just re-calibrated my compass and IMU before flying as I’d upgraded to the latest firmware. About 8 mins into my flight and around 34ft from me I got a high wind velocity warning and then a compass error. Then my Spark...
  8. Y

    Spark initiated a forced landing - analysis assistance required

    Hello all, Today I freaked out a bit because I almost had an accident with the little Sparky. I d like to request some assistance and feedback from you to make sure I understand what happened and to avoid this to happen again. Still new with the Spark, only one month or so of flying it. I was...
  9. D

    Flyaway after 3 days of purchase! July 4th Mayhem!

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to share my recent experience. I took my Spark out for a fly on July 4th (to shoot the sunset, fireworks, etc), and my bird got rogue. Everything was looking perfect, my GPS signal was fine, three days before this I did a firmware update, the compass was green, etc...