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dji goggles

  1. K

    SOLD. DJI Goggles

    Copy of the ad I have over on mavic pilots.. Like new set of goggles. Used only a handful of times, so everything is working perfectly. Comes with all originally included cables(hdmi cable is included but i forgot to put it in the picture, oops), manuals and usb block. Asking $225 usd paypal...
  2. M

    Dji goggles/spark... where’s the HD control?

    I sure hope someone can help out a newby... When I first started up and linked my goggles to my RC Controller, there was an option in the main setting ui called ‘HD’. I blew right by that bad boy in my excitement to get them to actually work. Now I need to change the setting to anything other...
  3. PaulArcher

    :) An overview on the mandatory Spark update

    Hello, Most people here already know about this update and probably have already done it. But for those of you who didn't don't get scared about DJI claims. They said that all the drones that aren't updated until the first of september will be deactivated. That's certanly only a scare tactic...
  4. T

    Spark + DJI Google | Critical issues

    Got my DJI Goggles last week and did few flights with the Spark last week-end. On the positive side, the image is clear and smooth. A lot smoother than if you use a cheap Android phone that may have a hard time decoding the video feed. Also, the fact that you're isolated from ambient light is...