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  1. J997654-uk

    Litchi vs Drone Harmony (vs Dronelink, Red Waypoint)

    Is there anyone who has tried both and can say what is better to use? I have found a topic about someone losing Spark while using DH recently. I am currently researching DH on free trial at the moment (on Android). Is there a way of trying Litchi for some period of time for free? Also is it...
  2. NeedleNuts

    Marina in Ireland

    Here's a short one I put together. The music gave me that 70's TV vibe so I went a bit silly with the transitions. Hope you like.
  3. DaysOfNoah

    LEGO 60207 “Sky Police Drone Chase”

    Well this doesn’t make us look any better to the public. :rolleyes:
  4. P

    Vintage Villa Austin, Texas Wedding ceremony

    I have been having some issues with slow motion. when I slow footage down in "Power Director" my footage is a little jittery. Will that happen on any software editing platform and is it just a byproduct of the spark filming at 30 fps? If any of you are using other editing software and are able...
  5. I

    UK Gov Inquiry on Drone use.. have your say before 13th April 2019

    If you fly drones commercially or recreationally in the UK, you need to do this before the 12th April 2019..
  6. Roy Rogers

    A Drone Flying Above The Clouds in Johnson City TN

    before making a FAA fuse about 400ft read the YouTube video Description Thank you very much for watching!!! :D
  7. Roy Rogers

    Sunset in real time

    5:05 - 6:54 UFO
  8. Roy Rogers

    Double Rainbow

  9. D

    An almost catastrophe that ended up ok

    So I did the first dronie with no problem, but a little later in the day wanted to do another one as the first was pretty tilted. But I didn't notice that the angle of the Spark was a little different than the original, and sent it toward the coconut trees!! I didn't see the friend in the tree...
  10. bnospk

    Ouessant, France

    Rocher près du phare du Creac’h by bnospk posted Jul 27, 2018 at 9:30 AM Rocher près du phare du Creac’h by bnospk posted Jul 27, 2018 at 9:30 AM Rocher près du phare du Creac’h by bnospk posted Jul 27, 2018 at 9:30 AM phare du Creac’h by bnospk posted Jul 27, 2018 at 9:30 AM

    Arkansas : The Natural State

    Made a quick video from some footage from around the area i live. Hope you enjoy!
  12. Maik Kellerhals

    Requiem For A Drone (The River claimed my Spark)

    It's gone. But don't worry, replacement is ordered...
  13. J

    Drone Regulations in Norway

    hello, is there anybody here who have ever fly his Spark in Norway? I'll go for a holiday trip to Bergen. I'm a private person, do you know that I need to fill the following form (my drone is under RO-1 category) to get the flight permit or not? NF-1114 Deklarasjonsskjema for oppstart som...
  14. I

    Shooting Video in Auto? How to use exposure lock, get rid of "roll"

    Once you master flying, then next step is better images. The DJI Spark is great in auto, but video can be better if you master exposure lock. Great way to stop exposure "roll".
  15. J

    :) Amateur Movie Made Entirely with DJI Spark! Well, my channel promo;) Check It Out! :D

    Hi here! I'm a few months in now to flying my Spark, and flying in general and still loving it! :). I still have sooooo much to learn, but I've been visiting and filming all my favourite local places. It's only a bit of fun, but if you could check out the video I would much appreciate it! :)...
  16. J

    Watching and Chasing Ships as they pass by a 'Middle Ages' port. Sparky <3

    Heyyy! I really hope you enjoy my little video! :) If anyone could make somebody happy today and subscribe to my YouTube channel I would REALLY, VERY MUCH appreciate it! I really need to make 100, just so I can personalize my URL. Sad I know lol, but it would mean an awful lot! :p Thank you...