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New Member
Jun 1, 2020
Good Afternoon Everyone,

New member here just wanting to ask a few questions around drone repairs.

I am looking to set up a drone repair business in Sheffield UK, I will be going online though so that people will be able to send their drones from all over the UK.

What is the current situation regarding drone repairs? ie. Would you say there are enough at present.

What is the most common repairs you have needed?

Please feel free to get involved in this thread and I will answer any questions that you may have.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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Hi iDroneRepair, Welcome to the one stop shop for all drone needs, If you want brutal honesty i would say you would need to take part in quite a few topics in this forum prior to loads of people engaging with you regarding their repair requirements. You'll definitely need to get yourself known in a fantastic site where it already is a bottomless pit of knowledge of all things drone. Trust me these lot know everything there is to know and then some.

All to often people have sent their drones of to Doug, who's the second cousin of bob, who knows this blokes sister Deirdre who he met in Asda, while picking up the Mediterranean style cous-cous, only for the drone to never be seen again.

In answer to your questions, i would say all things are covered and enquired about on here, from simple prop damage to the more serious splashdowns, when sparky suddenly thinks it would rather be a submarine!! There are always people asking about repairs, and i guess start by offering your expertise in these and get a name for yourself, then boomshanka! your the "Turn to person" for all those "Ohh Bugger" moments. Stay safe and good luck with the new venture.
Hi @ThePara

Thankyou for your reply and your honesty.

We are a new member on this forum but will be looking to get more involved and hopefully answer some questions.

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