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  1. A

    Any Spark Drone Expert here...? :(

    Hi All, Need Help. New to Forum. My spark drone has the latest firmware, I am using Asus RoG Phone II running Android 9. I can fly my Spark with my Phone Virtual joystick, but have problem with the remote controller (RC). Questions: 1. I cannot see my Remote Controller WiFi in my Phone Wifi...
  2. Simon Cooper

    DJI Spark Gimbal Noise

    My Spark’s gimbal motor has developed a loud, low, whining/schreeching noise which occurs as soon as I turn it on. Is this something for me to be concerned about? I’ve read that it’s nothing to worried about but I’m not so sure. I’ve done a comparison between 2 Sparks to demonstrate the...
  3. W

    Spark's LED Cover Broken

    Hello, I got a Spark as my very first drone two days ago, It was raining when I received the drone and as I had waited half my life for this moment I decided to fly it in my Dad's automotive shop. I put the prop guards on, flew it for about ten minutes and everything went fine. I was putting...
  4. V

    Spark RC linking issue after switching from mobile connection

    Hi, I am new to DJI and spark is my first drone. I have successfully linked my spark with RC as required and it works fine both on wifi and even with otg. Now when I switch connection and I press the power button for 6s and turn on wifi to use spark via mobile it starts functioning via...