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rc controller

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    Easy Spark Remote Controller mod to fit iPad Mini 2

    I was flying my Spark with my phone, but I had an iPad Mini 2 which fit on an Mavic Air controller just fine, but the grips on the Spark would not open quite wide enough. So I used my side grinder and trimmed back the restricting plastic just a bit on each side of the remote control and voila...
  2. K

    How to connect Tab S2 to RC with OTG

    My problem was that I could not connect myTab S2 to the RC with an OTG Cable. It worked without problems with my Galaxy S5 phone, so the cable was ok. But the Tab S2 refused. After reading numerous of pages and questions with answeres both here and on other forums, I got it a little more clear...
  3. V

    1st Flight of day: SparkRC Wifi SSID only works after restart the RC

    Hi guys, I'm with an issue: on my 1st flight of the day, I turn on the Spark and then the RC and a few seconds the RC is linked to the Spark (green led indicator) but the Wifi SSID does not work. I have to turn of the RC, turn it on again, wait for the new link with Spark (it`s more fast then...
  4. S

    RC connected but not working

    Hi everybody, My new spark fly more combo remote controller has an issue. I upgraded the firmware of the AC (V01.00.0600), RC (V01.00.0400) through the DJI Go4 app. After 2-3 flights working well with an OTG cable (without taking into account about the arrows printed on jacks) the RC started a...
  5. R

    Using DJI Assistant 2 To Update Firmware

    I just used the DJI Assistant 2 software to update the firmware on the Spark airframe and all three of my batteries after today's firmware release. After doing so, I connected the RC controller to the computer using usb cable, expecting it to show up on the Assistant software. It never...
  6. N

    Tablet for RC Controller

    Reading that a lot of you guys are using IPad Minis with the RC controller. I am not an Apple user. My RC controller is on the way. Any suggestions as to an Andriod tablet that will fit into the RC controller?