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  1. Nemesis Looms

    Knowledge test in the middle of a flight anybody?

    I'm new to this drone lark but by means of some creative lurking on this forum and other sources, I have managed ( somehow ) to become reasonably competent in the use of my Spark, although I don't fully understand all the stuff that makes it go. Today, having just updated the firmware and...
  2. pathos

    Download dji assistant 2 to iMac- reposted from software disscussions

    Hi Folks, Sorry to repost here but no responses, so I'm thinking I posted in the wrong place initially. Thanks for any help. I love my sparky and all things dji, I have had zero problems with anything up to this point. My first drone and have a Mavic coming up soon. I have not been able to...
  3. pathos


    Hi folks, First post. Been flying for about 2 months and havehad an incrediblr experience with the Spark. I've made just about all the newbie mistakes one csn make and probably a few new ones, but Sparky is still in good condition and still lives at my address. I'm still learning everytime I...
  4. Born In The Bronx

    Photo Software to Enhance your DJI Images

    This is for any Mac users, Macphun has just announced an upgraded version of their Photo editing Software, Luminar with special editing tools for DJI Drones. I am an avid semi-pro photographer, taking photos for almost 50 years. I call myself semi-pro because I've never done it for a living...