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Photo Software to Enhance your DJI Images

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Jul 12, 2017
Greenville SC
This is for any Mac users, Macphun has just announced an upgraded version of their Photo editing Software, Luminar with special editing tools for DJI Drones. I am an avid semi-pro photographer, taking photos for almost 50 years. I call myself semi-pro because I've never done it for a living. When Adobe tried to force us into their subscription based plan for Photoshop and the entire Create Suite I started looking for quality alternatives and two companies really came through and now give Adobe some serious competition. One is Affinity Photo and the other Macphun's Luminar and their entire Creative Kit Suite of Applications. I've been using both for over a year now and will never go back to Photoshop (which I've used since it was introduced in 1990). The tools and interface in both programs are on par if not better than Photoshop and the large offering of presets make them so much more effective. Anyway I just thought I would pass this along to help any other shutterbugs out there. Oh and I don't work for either company nor do I get a commission, LOL.

Here is what they are saying at Macphun:
Luminar is the first photo editor for the Mac that offers dedicated tools to help you make the most beautiful aerial photos. Over the last few weeks we worked hard with some of the world's best aerial photographers, including Romeo Durscher, Director of Education at DJI.

Here is a link to learn more: New Luminar. Inspired by DJI. via @wearemacphun | Macphun Blog

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