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  1. Deejais

    October day in Georgia, U.S.A.

  2. A

    Spark to Mini3 Pro?

    Howdy Sparky finally took a near fatal crash causing me to upgrade. Gonna miss that tough little bugger. The camera gimbal is just gravity hanging free. Actually flies fine but tough to use the video I am a part 107 qualified flier who uses a drone on a regular basis as part of my business...
  3. K

    DJI Spark can not change wifi from 5ghz to 2.4 ghz

    I have a dji Spak and I experiencing always lagging video also if I am 1 m from the spark. I tryed to change the wifi from 5 ghz to 2.4 ghz but my drone still on 5 ghz. I have no more idea what do I wrong. I made a Video abut my issue you can find it under this link: . If someone have any idea...
  4. C

    Spark Battery Source...Read All Recent Previous Threads on Topic

    I recently had my Spark for sale in the classifieds. I just withdrew my classified ad deciding to use the Spark to train my grandsons who recently just expressed some belated interest in drones when they learned of my classified. I purchased a used battery on eBay which has been fine for getting...
  5. C

    No Longer for Sale: Spark Fly More Combo

    I decided to keep the Spark to train my grandson. Withdrawing from sale. Is there something else I should do to cancel this classified? I deleted all text and images previously posted.
  6. S

    DJI Spark will not turn on.

    DJI Spark will not turn on. All four lights on the batt are on. No response from Spark. I have started this many times so I am familiar with the two step button press. I know the process. I have searched the forum for a similar problem but most every starting problem seems to be related to...
  7. M

    Motor not spinning - Red LED

    Hi everyone, really hope someone can help me solve this issue that arose today? Dug my Spark out of lockdown, charged the batteries up, switched it all on but when I went to take off, only three motors spun, then obviously got the unable to take off error? Brought it inside where it was darker...
  8. M

    Spark with DJI Goggles: Which features are supported?

    I know you need an OTG Cable and the latest firmware, but once that's all set, what exactly is supported? Head Tracking Gimbal: I've read that this is supported on the Spark, but only looking up and down. Is that correct? Head Tracking Flight: The goggle's manual suggests this is supported...
  9. JoostGT3

    Te koop/For sale: Spark FMC + Portable Charging Station (Netherlands only)

    Although I really love ol' Sparky, I have a Mav Mini and an M2Pro as well, so I'm putting my Spark including FMC and Portable charging station up for sale. (For Dutch only). See classified at the Dutch selling website Marktplaats: LINK
  10. M

    EIS on Spark Bothered me! Please Help!

    Hi guys, I just got my spark recently. This is my first drone to pick, even its been discontinued and not being the latest tech drone like the DJI Mavic Mini but I like it. But there's one thing that bothered me the most, that is the Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) or the Smooth Video that...
  11. F

    Spark, controller and 2 batteries for sale

    DJI Spark Camera Drone With Controller And Two Batteries. I’ve upgraded so I’m selling my DJI Spark Drone. Included: DJI Spark Controller 2 x official batteries Hard carry case Brand new set of spare props Micro USB cable Power adapter (this is a Samsung phone charger. I use it because it fits...
  12. graywoulf

    Lightning up a storm

    This was a first for me but it was something I have hoped to do someday. There was a big storm brewing a ways off and I sent my Spark up to take a look for me. I didn't have a fully charged battery but I got enough footage to throw this video together. All raw video with all automatic settings...
  13. Der olle Hansen

    "Spotlight mode" for SPARK

    I just found this video (already from August 2018) that explaines how to set a "spotlight" on you with your SPARK. I did not know that it is no must to press "GO". :) "Hacked" in the title is misleading as there is nothing to be hacked, no modifications - just clever use of the given...
  14. Zaba

    A clip from a frozen island in Saint-Petersburg

    A short clip compiled after my visit to Saint-Petersburg's Kanonyersky ostrov. A panoramic view of the ship-repairement yard and the district surrounding it. Unfotunately this winter was too short for me to visit that place at least once again to film it from different povs.
  15. Der olle Hansen

    Props for SPARK - Questions that got through a beginner's head ... ;)

    Hello folks, I am quite new here in the forum, I have been reading for quite some time, now I have registered and I have some questions about the propellers, which - according to my understanding - are THE essential components of the mechanics as they convert all commands of the electronic into...
  16. W

    Spark not connecting and not visible on PC via USB

    Hello My Spark is cursed :) Bought it water damaged, fixed, flown for a few days. Crashed due to one motor failing. I fixed it again (frame and gimbal replacement). It was working for one flight and suddenly stopped syncing with the controller. It also doesn't show up on the PC at all. It's...
  17. E

    Flying time bar on djigo4 app

    Hello all, I'm new here and I have looked this issue in the existing threads, as I found no entries I decided to post. My issue? The dji app suddenly stopped showing the remaining flying time while flying, I could notice the number changing as I fly but the whole figure is covered by a white...
  18. peejay

    Spark RC controller - removable sticks mod possible?

    having too much time to think about stuff to do, while being on partial lockdown, I started to figure out if it's possible to have a nice detachable sticks in Spark's RC controller - same as they were introduced in Mavic Air's RC and all the next DJI's UAVs. I didn't do it yet, it's just a...
  19. C

    DJI Spark - No Focus in pics

    Hello everybody, I’m new here and recently repaired my Spark after it landed in the sea. I replaced the front sensor and the gimbal. Now everything is find and working again, except the photos. Its alsways looks like there is the wrong focus. If I take pic 10-15cm away, it looks find, but the...
  20. Soar Like an Eagle

    GPS data as subtitles

    I bought my Spark in January 2019. I've used it for less than 3 hours and then I've never flown. Until 2 weeks ago. I'm locked at home and I've rebooted my passion for drones. Tonight I flew (for the first time) at 9 PM. My city was desert, all the people are home. I took very nice footage, and...