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  1. A

    Any Spark Drone Expert here...? :(

    Hi All, Need Help. New to Forum. My spark drone has the latest firmware, I am using Asus RoG Phone II running Android 9. I can fly my Spark with my Phone Virtual joystick, but have problem with the remote controller (RC). Questions: 1. I cannot see my Remote Controller WiFi in my Phone Wifi...
  2. C

    worth buying spark 2020 or mini

    I am new to this drone world, and I am hesitant to buy a spark or a mini, both in fly more combo at 499 dollars, do you think it is worth buying the spark? Is the battery and the resolution of the camera a problem? for spark
  3. theDRONEranger

    FREE!!! 3D Printed Strobe Holders FREE!!!

    FREE!!!! Offer only valid in the lower 48 US. You pay the $10 shipping and handling. Set of 4, (2x front & 2x rear). Made for the Firehouse Cree Dual strobes, may fit others. Brand new, never used. Simply not going to use them, so they are up for grabs. Message me please for...
  4. A

    The Pier Project

    Just wanted to share a short video made with the spark. Still a work in progress and will be adding more to the video soon. :)
  5. Brojon

    Lowered price - Selling complete Spark w/controller, 5 batteries and parallel charger, extras

    $325 - Price includes USPS Priority shipping and Paypal fees (which add up) US lower 48 only unless we negotiate shipping. Spark with remote, removable skin, extra props and silicone o-ring battery retainer. Never crashed, great condition. Five new style batteries Parallel charger that can...
  6. F

    Spark Flyers South Africa 🇿🇦

    Any drones flyers in South Africa?
  7. N

    Easy Spark Remote Controller mod to fit iPad Mini 2

    I was flying my Spark with my phone, but I had an iPad Mini 2 which fit on an Mavic Air controller just fine, but the grips on the Spark would not open quite wide enough. So I used my side grinder and trimmed back the restricting plastic just a bit on each side of the remote control and voila...
  8. aidenholdingphotography

    What is litchi

    Thinking of getting litchi just a few questions. 1: Does it resume waypoints if the battery goes flat 2: Can I get it to automatically take photos 3: Is there any issues with the app
  9. J

    Is it possible to run Sunhans 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz Wi-Fi Amps on a DJI Spark

    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to amplify the DJI Spark's Wi-Fi signal, by using a Sunhans eSunRC 3W 2.4GHz mini-Wifi Signal Booster. I have seen some other All-In-One amped antenna systems, like the Titan Switch and the Alientech, and was just wondering if I could...
  10. J

    Need help indentifying a connector for battery

    Hello, I recently purchased one of those DJI Spark battery mod adapters from uavmods co uk. All of the photos that I have seen of this adapter appear to show it having possibly an XT60 plug. However, when uavmods shipped my adapter piece to me, it has a different plug on the end of it, and it...
  11. Wanderer

    Impressions from Bavaria (Spark + Osmo Pocket)

    Impressions from Landsberg am Lech, a cosy Bavarian town next to the Lech river. Filmed with DJI Spark & Osmo Pocket.
  12. S

    Spark Battery Charger Hub

    Hello, while traveling with my Spark I have lost the part of the Battery Charger Hub that the 3 batteries slide into. It's the original DJI hub that was included with the Fly More Combo. Does anyone know if it's possible to just buy that one part? I still have the cord. Charging the batteries...
  13. NutterBee

    Fly Safe Update not Loading

    I have been getting the update for Precise Fly Safe update... but I get it going and download it, but the actual update never loads... it just says retry after a couple minutes.


    I am not a professional. I'm still learning, but what SPARK has been able to do is amazing. Night flight, between trees during an outdoor event. I invite you to watch my youtube channel, where I will post videos from flights straight from my phone's assembly. pure SPARK and its possibilities. record
  15. Fly In Poland, Wronki City

    Fly In Poland, Wronki City

    Record Distance 3,3 km, this file from my phone (casch)
  16. 41Flyer

    Spark on sale

    Saw this one tonight... Walmart clearance for $329
  17. 41Flyer

    Measure flight altitude (general questions)

    How does the Spark measure flight altitude? I am assuming that where it launches from is 0 and it goes up to 400' from there. So what if we launch from atop a hill/mountain? Still +400 from launch spot or does it take into account that it is sitting atop a 300' mountain? Here in Texas, the...
  18. theDRONEranger

    New SPARK owner

    Greetings all! Jeffrey, theDRONEranger, porting in from the Mavic forum. New owner of Bella, my newly arrived SPARK! Received her yesterday and believe it or not, have NOT even activated as yet. Other coals in the fire, don’t you know! Louie is my MAVIC AIR, so only fitting the SPARK is Bella...
  19. VID_20190721_055941597_m.mp4


    Poznan City in Poland.
  20. Andro

    DJI Spark short movies by AndroID

    A few glimpses of Costa Rica beaches from the air: Takeoff and landing on a sailboat, anchored still:]