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  1. VID_20190721_055941597_m.mp4


    Poznan City in Poland.
  2. Andro

    From Costa Rica

    A few glimpses of Costa Rica beaches from the air: Takeoff and landing on a sailboat, anchored still:]
  3. J

    Obstacle avoidance

    Hey guys. So, here I am trying to fly my spark indoors and noticed that when I pointed my phone camera in front of the drone the infrared sensor for the obstacle avoidance is not on ( even it is on in the settings and not in sports mode). So I tried to fly it close to the wall and it is not...
  4. N

    600 ft in FCC mode on my Spark...

    Per the title, if I launch from my house I can get maybe 600 ft away using Channel 10 on 2.4 ghz. Went to a park this weekend, and again today, and got closer to 1100 ft, but then got the message that the Video was lost and plane disconnected. RTH started it back in both cases, and I was able to...
  5. S

    All of a sudden "ADDI" MODE

    Out flying yesterday before work and about 3 minutes into flight that was going real well the remote states ADDI more and my Spark goes crazy. Was flying in regular mode but after the change it went automatically to sport mode and proceeds to almost crash itself. Had a hard time controlling it...
  6. 41Flyer

    Looking to add strobe to drone, found this

    Clicking on a link off this site, I found a cool site that sells usb rechargeable mini strobe lights you can attach to many models of DJI Drones. While reading the site, I did see this line and was curious if someone has the reference link: >>> This product is compatible with latest FAA and...
  7. bnospk

    fly - Brehat, Bretagne, France and tregastel, greve blanche beach

    Brehat, Bretagne, France Tregastel, Bretagne, France greve blanche beach
  8. bnospk

    fly - ouessant, France

    ouessant, Bretagne, France
  9. D

    Download failed for "Simple AutoEdit"

    Hi there. I have had my Spark for two weeks now and have just gone through some videos and photos to see what I can do with it. I am still learning and want to learn as much as possible. Setup: DJI Spark with RC connected with WiFi to iPhone 8plus. Everything is on and connected with each other...
  10. aidenholdingphotography

    Looking for Spark

    Hi guys crashed my Dji spark a couple of months ago and I want to get a new one. I am going to England in 3 weeks and France a week later. Preferably I want one without remote and lots of accessories as I already have those from my previous drone. Please reply if you or someone you know is...
  11. Wanderer

    E-Boarding with Spark & Osmo Pocket

    Cruising around with the DJI Spark and Osmo Pocket which is a nice combo by the way. Unfortunately, the YouTube codec does a terrible job when it comes to full motion scenes which is why it messed up some of them. You can download the original video here which provides a much better quality.
  12. I

    Spark FALLS out of the SKY?

    Hey guys! Doing alright? I came here for help. I bought Beck-Aidan a couple of weeks ago. and everything was fine, loved it. On this certain flight, it just completely falls out of the sky. No warnings on the device. I just hear the propellers stop and look up to the sight of my Spark. Crashing...
  13. mpmelton07

    Gimbal Calibration on Mac OS X

    Has anyone successfully calibrated their gimbal using Mac OS X? I recently replaced my camera housing since the outer lens broke after a crash and now my camera is not level to the horizon. I have seen all the posts and YouTube videos that discuss the process using the github DJI Firmware...
  14. nilanjan118

    I love my Sparky

    2nd week into using the Litchi app and I am already loving it. Here's what I did in the morning today. Can you see it?
  15. WV2019

    Iceland from the air (Winter)

    Footage from a trip to Iceland last Winter. They don't have much daylight that time of year so had to make the best of it!
  16. J

    Please help! Spark Antenna problem on main board!

    Hi guys, I recently did a DIY repair and all went well but one of the ‘plugs’ for the left antenna broke off the motherboard! Can anyone help! Photos attached! Photo 1- how it is meant to look Photo 2 and 3 - how it looks. I tried super glueing it on but the video cuts out after 2 metres :(...
  17. JoeDimwit

    I was reading the Grand Canyon thread, and it got me wondering...

    What is the current record for flight above sea level, without violating the 400’ agl rule? As in: you were in the mountains of Tennessee, at about 2,500’ above sea level, and went up 400’ to 2,900’ above sea level. Let’s hear it Spark Pilots, what does our observed performance envelope really...
  18. nilanjan118

    First AEB shots

    I tried the AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing) mode in Spark for the first time yesterday and was pretty amazed with the results. Sharing a couple of images below. Note: I used a software called HDRsoft Photomatix to merge the bracketed images.
  19. Coquina Beach Florida - a short vid of my trip to the beach today!

    Coquina Beach Florida - a short vid of my trip to the beach today!

    This video is about a walk on the beach and a drone video of the lovely area. Anna Maria Island is in South West Florida in Manatee County.