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  1. nilanjan118

    Best Shots Montage

    Just created a Best Shots Montage video of my four months of flying the DJI Spark. Please watch and share your views. Thank you.
  2. nilanjan118

    Morning flight

    It was a bright, sunny day today and I went for a quick morning flight. Wanted to do a distance test but I was keeping an eye on the signal strength indicator all the time and bailed out when I started getting only about 2 bars at 900m out. Moreover, I had started with only about 70% gas in the...
  3. Spark shooting a video of flying RC-airplane

    Spark shooting a video of flying RC-airplane

    This is my first experience of shooting a flying object right in the sky. The flying object was a radio-controlled airplane, which was controlled by my friend.
  4. Sun and snow. It's time to fly!

    Sun and snow. It's time to fly!

  5. K

    A month with the spark

    Well it’s been a month since I bought the Spark, thoroughly enjoying it. So here is a compilation of some of the sites I’ve flown Sparkie. Video from (Adelaide) South Australia. Very dry here this time of year. It’s been interesting finding locations that we are permitted to fly here. Most of...
  6. nilanjan118

    Anbee Colored Propellers for DJI Spark

    Has anyone here tried these propellers? Anbee Colored Propellers for DJI Spark I know that in the event of a crash, using non-OEM parts voids warranty but at $14 for 4 pairs (the original props come for $10/pair), this is a steal which seems too difficult to resist.
  7. Soar Like an Eagle

    Where can I check for logs of my first flight?

    Hello nice people, today, after 7 days I've received my Spark, I did my first flight. It was not so exciting, but that's ok, I think. My question: does exist some nice app (webapp, Mac, Wind) to upload data I've got from my Spark and watch it at home? Thanks!
  8. BerkoZg

    Small island in Croatia

    Small island called St Justina located near Pakostane in Croatia.
  9. Onelight74

    Sunset Drama

    Captured this moody shot this Sunday evening. Still learning to fly and capture the best shots from the different perspective. Played with ISO and exposure settings in manual mode to capture deeper richer colors. All a learning process but having fun.
  10. JS1500

    Violated pigeon airspace

    Earlier today I took my Spark out to the lake to get some footage. Soon after taking off and flying out over the lake, a flock of pigeons flew dangerously close to my drone. I didn't think much of it since birds sometimes fly a bit close, but they turned around again and flew directly at the...
  11. Z

    My first DJI spark footage

    Hi guys it's my first time here. This is my first Spark's footage video I want to share. any comments are welcome!
  12. AnthonyR0

    Out of warranty battery replacement costs for DJI Spark Remote Controller

    Hi folks, Wanted to share some info I came across recently. Since we know that the Spark Remote Controller does not have a removable (read: user-serviceable) battery, the expectation is to send the entire remote controller over to DJI for them to replace the battery. That sounded like it was...
  13. A

    Total loss of control

    I recently lost my Spark to a total loss of control. i was flying on the beach, and as soon as i took off the drone just keeps spinning, absolutely no control from the sticks. RTH works just fine, but as soon as it comes over my head and wants to decend, it starts spinning uncontrollably again...
  14. S

    Compas déconnecté

    Bonjour, j'ai reçu mon nouveau SPARK il y a 5 jours et j'ai remarqué quelques problèmes de stabilité lors de premier vol ainsi que des messages de déconnection GPS à quelques reprises sur l'application DJIGO. Aujourd'hui j'ai tenté d'effectuer un vol mais je n'en suis pas capable en raison que...
  15. S

    !Dolphins in Australia! Spark Footage

    While the northern hemisphere is freezing away it’s a sunny summer down here!
  16. A

    OTG Cable - Needed Now?

    Can anyone tell me if the OTG cable is necessary with the Spark? I saw posts from 2017 but wasn't sure if this was needed or worked in the 2019 year! Any recommendations would be great!
  17. P

    Spark fly more combo for sell like new(sold)

    Red Spark fly more combo for sale. Like new 1 hour of flight time. Plus gimbal and controller cover and tablet holder. Selling because I got into Fpv drones. Still have box would like $380 free shipping. Please contact me through this site or my email paulportillophoto@yahoo.com
  18. nilanjan118

    JAPAN - Tsuchiura | Cinematic Drone Video

    Shot this on the last day of 2018 in Tsuchiura, Japan. It is a city located in South-Western Ibaraki Prefecture about 60kms north of Tokyo metropolis. Looking forward to seeing more new places and shooting at more beautiful locations in 2019. And on that note, wishing all the Spark pilots a very...
  19. 09.12.2018. DJI Spark. Inside out.

    09.12.2018. DJI Spark. Inside out.

    Somewhere near Minsk... Abandoned building...