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  1. 10.11.2018 Drichin, Belarus. Fog, fog... Fog everywhere...

    10.11.2018 Drichin, Belarus. Fog, fog... Fog everywhere...

    My first flights in the fog. Spark gave a sensor error, but flew confidently.
  2. D

    Flying above Ngong Hills, Kenya

    A short clip flying above Ngong Hills, Kenya Instagram: @babu_bk
  3. Flying Above Ngong Hills, Kenya.mp4

    Flying Above Ngong Hills, Kenya.mp4

    A short clip flying above Ngong Hills, Kenya
  4. Mr. Eggbeater Jr.

    Sunset pic!

    Here is another sunset pic I just took tonight. There are a few lights on it ;) I am referencing a previous post SUNSETS, DJI SPARK Enjoy
  5. Mr. Eggbeater Jr.

    Remote Controller vs Phone for Piloting SPARK .Poll.

    Quick poll to see what is the most popular
  6. Mr. Eggbeater Jr.

    Can you choose different color when getting care refresh replacement??

    Just wondering when you get a spark replacement, via dji care refresh, if you can choose the color you want ,or if you get what they give you, or what color you had before??
  7. Gavieboydgi

    Dji Spark Quick Edit

    Dji Spark quick edit I did with Cyberlink its pretty good editing software still getting used to it.
  8. dsmith1821

    DJI spark with extra battery and a few things (SOLD)

    Around 31 flights or so. Never a rough landing or crash. Original props still on. I am also including a Drone Pit Stop case, battery holder, landing gear, 16GB San Disk ultra plus memory card, OTG (iOS) original box and carrying case, controller stick guard, original charger, 2 extra props,and a...
  9. S

    Another Spark fly-away tale (True Story - Please help)

    Hi guys and girls. I bought a spark drone and a day after purchase I flew it no more than a 100 meters away when it disconnected and refused to RTH. I saw it all the time, drifting away from me until lost sight of it. I looked all around the neighborhood but no luck. It seems like it recorded...
  10. B

    Windy walk

    I went for a walk with my spark in strong wind. Not bad at all
  11. F

    Spark Pilot Shirts

    Found these With free shipping for $17.49. Gonna make great Xmas gifts for my copilot lol Unique, Hobby Themed Apparel, Accessories, And More!
  12. A

    *SOLD* DJI Spark $475 - Fly More Combo (Lava Red) - Less than 1 hour total flight time

    Purchased brand new in October, 2017 for $699. Looking to get $475 for everything. Literally has less than 1 hour total flight time. No crashes Perfect condition Fly More Combo comes with: -remote controller -shoulder bag -2 batteries -propeller guards -extra set of propellers I'll also throw...
  13. Wanderer

    Flying the Spark while riding our E-Boards

    I was wondering how good (or bad) Active Track would work while riding on our E-Boards. I assumed that it would require a lot of open space but It turned out to work better than I thought. Using Active Track while riding the board is a Spark battery eater though.
  14. W

    First encounter with the dreaded ATTI mode with my Spark

    Flying my Spark at the local park the other day the Spark went into atti mode. When I launched I was connected using the OTG cable from controller to my iPhone. I had 17 Satellites and hovered until the home point was recorded. There were no power lines around and only a couple of people in the...
  15. I

    Media taken before the latest update

    So these I took before the latest update and some are um, taken far above 400 feet lol. More like 1000 feet, I know, stupid, but I wanted to truly see what it was like, besides, "To be old and wise you gotta be young and stupid first, right? No? Oh well it was only a one time thing anyway lol.
  16. D

    How to: Spark Gimbal Calibration

    Hi fellow spark pilots, I recently had a little mishap (crash) with my spark, and noticed that the gimbal was out of alignment. I searched the internet far and wide to try and find some help on how to recalibrate the gimbal, but to no avail. However, thankfully just the other day I came across a...
  17. F

    No channel information showing.

    Having some problems with my dji spark. So I have a fully updated drone and controller. As per the image I am not getting any channel information showing at all. I have uses both a honour 9 lite phone which is not officially supported and now am using a Google nexus 7 2013 2nd gen which is...
  18. I

    A beautiful view into a beautiful world

    Hello spark pilots, Seventh fairy here with some more great videos for you. There not of something as spectacular like what some other pilots capture but its as a start. The links are below. Please enjoy and remember to tap the like button and subscribe with a touch of the bell so you'll be...
  19. G

    View from Above

    Seeing pictures from this angle always puts things in perspective.
  20. G

    Renewable Energy

    Captured these pics as part of some commercial work i do on the side for my company. we were responsible for the installation of the field and was lucky enough to be able to get some pictures when it was complete.