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  1. G

    View from Above

    Seeing pictures from this angle always puts things in perspective.
  2. G

    Renewable Energy

    Captured these pics as part of some commercial work i do on the side for my company. we were responsible for the installation of the field and was lucky enough to be able to get some pictures when it was complete.
  3. G

    Spark and the Local scenery

    Took the spark out and caught some of the great scenery in and around Salem Massachusetts, since i live right near by found it a great place to get some great pics. Only issue is most of the area is covered by local class D airspace so needed to get approval from the local tower, which was...
  4. G

    Ipswich River, Ipswich Ma.

    Took the spark for a flight down the Ipswich River in Ipswich Massachusetts not far from my house, beautiful day great scenery and I even got to see a family of the local river otters, which are very rare for the river. Sorry no otter pics they were to fast to get on film by the time i even...
  5. Ozboyblu

    Yellagonga Regional Park - Aboriginal Heritage - Perth Western Australia

    Yellagonga Regional Park - Named after the Leader of the Aboriginal Mooro people who inhabited the area at the time of European Settlement.
  6. N

    Help connecting RC to phone!

    hey guys, I’m new here, I’m sure some sort of my question has been asked, and I’ve researched to no avail. I want to see if anyone has any tips here. I just got my fly more combo a week ago. My RC and drone weren’t paired, even though everyone claims it is. So i linked them and that was an...
  7. Gavieboydgi

    Dji Spark in Really Bad Wind Today U.K

    Was out today testing new firmware that i'd downgraded to 300 so i can mod the parims and because of the bad 1000 july update its horrible!!! Heres The Youtube from my flight today 28/7/2018
  8. air SPARK force

    ...More stick time

    This is not far from my house. Had a good time, and feeding the gnats to.
  9. Simon Cooper

    Best Bits Of Sanur/Ubud, BALI (2018)

  10. M

    How to get the live video feed from spark to computer.

    I want to know is there any APIs available for dji spark like for tello there is a API named tellopy. Or else is there any ways to get the live feed to PC. I only want the live feed to PC..
  11. V

    Spark and Autopilot

    Can someone explain the focus strategies in Autopilot. I read thru the Hangar Autopilot Flight School but couldn't find the definitions or examples of the focus strategies. I understand some of them, such as, triggers, subject and joystick. But what is pattern, touch, device and passive? Can...
  12. V

    Spark sales

    Where is the best place to sell my dji SPARK and accessories? Ebay, Craig's list?
  13. Fubar1979

    Spark follow me and rc

    I have a spark and using it with the app but it constantly looses me, will the Rc help?
  14. B

    Atti to gps in restricted area?

    has anyone tried taking off with the Spark in atti mode in a restricted area? What happens if the drones catches the GPS signal? Does it fly away, outside of the restricted area, or does it land back to where it started safely?
  15. R

    ATTI mode Spark question.

    So I know there's no ATTI mode in the spark (without some kind of modification) but if the GPS goes haywire, the drone does go into ATTI mode. Not good for those of us who aren't great at flying yet. I saw a Phantom video where the guy said that when in the ATTI mode (available on the Phantom)...
  16. Quadular

    Lake Michigan

    Sure enjoyed my trip to Northern Michigan and the UPPER Peninsula .
  17. Quadular

    Beautiful day at the lake

  18. Maik Kellerhals

    Second flight day with my Spark

    This was the second time I took my Spark out for a test flight, I'm getting more comfortable, might go somewhere more interesting soon.
  19. N

    Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

    Ponce Inlet Fl
  20. A

    Ecuador import tax on the Spark?

    Hello everyone, I am traveling to Ecuador next week and I am planning on bringing my spark. I heard that drones are subject to import taxes in Ecuador. I am wondering if anyone here brought has traveled there and brought their spark. Did you have to pay? If you did pay, did you get the money...