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  1. mpmelton07

    Gimbal Calibration on Mac OS X

    Has anyone successfully calibrated their gimbal using Mac OS X? I recently replaced my camera housing since the outer lens broke after a crash and now my camera is not level to the horizon. I have seen all the posts and YouTube videos that discuss the process using the github DJI Firmware...
  2. nilanjan118

    I love my Sparky

    2nd week into using the Litchi app and I am already loving it. Here's what I did in the morning today. Can you see it?
  3. WV2019

    Iceland from the air (Winter)

    Footage from a trip to Iceland last Winter. They don't have much daylight that time of year so had to make the best of it!
  4. J

    Please help! Spark Antenna problem on main board!

    Hi guys, I recently did a DIY repair and all went well but one of the ‘plugs’ for the left antenna broke off the motherboard! Can anyone help! Photos attached! Photo 1- how it is meant to look Photo 2 and 3 - how it looks. I tried super glueing it on but the video cuts out after 2 metres :(...
  5. JoeDimwit

    I was reading the Grand Canyon thread, and it got me wondering...

    What is the current record for flight above sea level, without violating the 400’ agl rule? As in: you were in the mountains of Tennessee, at about 2,500’ above sea level, and went up 400’ to 2,900’ above sea level. Let’s hear it Spark Pilots, what does our observed performance envelope really...
  6. nilanjan118

    First AEB shots

    I tried the AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing) mode in Spark for the first time yesterday and was pretty amazed with the results. Sharing a couple of images below. Note: I used a software called HDRsoft Photomatix to merge the bracketed images.
  7. Coquina Beach Florida - a short vid of my trip to the beach today!

    Coquina Beach Florida - a short vid of my trip to the beach today!

    This video is about a walk on the beach and a drone video of the lovely area. Anna Maria Island is in South West Florida in Manatee County.
  8. P

    Vintage Villa Austin, Texas Wedding ceremony

    I have been having some issues with slow motion. when I slow footage down in "Power Director" my footage is a little jittery. Will that happen on any software editing platform and is it just a byproduct of the spark filming at 30 fps? If any of you are using other editing software and are able...
  9. I

    Can't cache to Sd Card!

    When i press 'Cache to Sd card' on the settings, i can't see my drone Sd card in the phone settings, any help?
  10. nilanjan118

    Best Shots Montage

    Just created a Best Shots Montage video of my four months of flying the DJI Spark. Please watch and share your views. Thank you.
  11. nilanjan118

    Morning flight

    It was a bright, sunny day today and I went for a quick morning flight. Wanted to do a distance test but I was keeping an eye on the signal strength indicator all the time and bailed out when I started getting only about 2 bars at 900m out. Moreover, I had started with only about 70% gas in the...
  12. Spark shooting a video of flying RC-airplane

    Spark shooting a video of flying RC-airplane

    This is my first experience of shooting a flying object right in the sky. The flying object was a radio-controlled airplane, which was controlled by my friend.
  13. Sun and snow. It's time to fly!

    Sun and snow. It's time to fly!

  14. K

    A month with the spark

    Well it’s been a month since I bought the Spark, thoroughly enjoying it. So here is a compilation of some of the sites I’ve flown Sparkie. Video from (Adelaide) South Australia. Very dry here this time of year. It’s been interesting finding locations that we are permitted to fly here. Most of...
  15. nilanjan118

    Anbee Colored Propellers for DJI Spark

    Has anyone here tried these propellers? Anbee Colored Propellers for DJI Spark I know that in the event of a crash, using non-OEM parts voids warranty but at $14 for 4 pairs (the original props come for $10/pair), this is a steal which seems too difficult to resist.
  16. Soar Like an Eagle

    Where can I check for logs of my first flight?

    Hello nice people, today, after 7 days I've received my Spark, I did my first flight. It was not so exciting, but that's ok, I think. My question: does exist some nice app (webapp, Mac, Wind) to upload data I've got from my Spark and watch it at home? Thanks!
  17. BerkoZg

    Small island in Croatia

    Small island called St Justina located near Pakostane in Croatia.