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  1. lysak2003

    Mountains and Castles

    Hello friends! It is definitely true all we love mountains and castles. Another one trip, full of adventures and emotions, to the Borderland - Ukrainian Carpathians. Hope you enjoy! There are following locations: ... 00:01 Chervonogorod Castle 00:22 mount Zhandarm (1763 m) Dragobrat region...
  2. adventurecampitelli


    We quit our lives to travel the world with our children. It was a difficult decision but so far well worth it. We are 2 months into our travels already. We hope to inspire people to follow their passions with this video. Did we inspire you? Oh ya lots and lots of drone shots.
  3. Peter Case

    Canary Islands and flying a drone.

    We will be heading to the Canary Islands and was wondering if you can fly a drone there. I know about the parks and it’s a a no no. Any feedback would be appreciated
  4. T

    Taking Spark to Bahamas

    Hi All, My partner and I are going to America in a few weeks. Part of our trip is going to the Bahamas. Has anyone had any experiences of taking bring your spark to the bahamas through the airport? I have read a lot about how you need to have it registered etc on other pages or it could be...
  5. D

    Cameron Highland, Malaysia day trip with DJI Spark

    A random half day trip to Cameron Highland, Pahang. We had a great travel day and enjoyed the relative coolness of the highlands compared to humid KL. SUBSCRIBE NOW ►https://goo.gl/tQCWdp SUPPORT ME ►https://www.patreon.com/nichcc If you like this video, please drop it a like and bang that...
  6. M

    Carrying drones on planes

    Anybody got any advice/stories of traveling with their drone? I plan on going on vacations with mine. I'd just like to hear some tips, successful airport stories, horror stories, etc.
  7. Justin

    Bridgwater Fair 2017

    I shot this a few weeks back :D I knew I didn't want the Spark flying over so many people so opted to launch from a wide open space, a good 100m back from the fair rides and people in the area. Then up to around 50m. With only the phone to control at that point in time (and one battery) I was...
  8. Malakai

    Got the Smatree D400 case for the Spark and did a review

    Hey all, I picked up the Smatree D400 case off amazon uk, its a great case for storing and transporting your spark. What kinds of cases are you using?
  9. S

    Travelling with Drone Spark in Vietnam

    I heard stories of confiscated drones when you go to Vietnam and long expensive processes to gain permission so I was hesitant to take the Phantom and purchased a Spark in the hope it would go thru fairly undetected. Stripped it down to just the unit in the little hard case they give you which...
  10. N

    Traveling from United States to Mexico with DJI Spark

    Hello, I am a brand new member to this site, and still not sure how this all works so I apologize if I am doing anything wrong! I was researching about traveling to Cancun with drone, and how customs is. However, most of the info given was from users of the Mavic or Phantom, nothing really on...