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  1. aidenholdingphotography

    What is litchi

    Thinking of getting litchi just a few questions. 1: Does it resume waypoints if the battery goes flat 2: Can I get it to automatically take photos 3: Is there any issues with the app
  2. nilanjan118

    I love my Sparky

    2nd week into using the Litchi app and I am already loving it. Here's what I did in the morning today. Can you see it?
  3. nilanjan118

    Litchi features

    First of all, apologies for creating another "Litchi" thread. I admit searching with that keyword has yielded "n" number of results but most of the posts are old, meaning outdated info. So to make my query simple, I would like to know what are the extra features we get with Litchi over the Go4...
  4. Mark Penney

    Litchi waypoint flight over a Warren Park Hewitt, TX

    Testing and practicing with Litchi waypoints. Went in the morning before it got too hot. It only got to 104F today.