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3 months plus Flysafe database won’t update.


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Oct 16, 2018
I took about 3 months off from Spark play and am a bit lost.
Best I remember I had several flights back in March or April that Go4 wanted to update the Flysafe database. I have had that issue before and it was temporary.Seemed to take the update by switching cellular to WiFi and vice versa.

Im showing Go4 version 4.3.37 on iOS now.....version 4.3.32 back in April in AirData logs.

I experienced one flight on July 4 ver. 4.3.37 that had slow gimbal response and the Map display had a yellow overshadow to it after I took off that reminded me of a warning zone. Also had what I would call a noticeable decline in camera view.
Lastly I noticed a change in the Flight time Bar....wasn’t to concerned at time though.

Litchi was installed but not running....to the best of my knowledge.

I did have a app that was sending me notifications that I have now turned off.

I’m running a Gen 6 IPad that is current firmware.

Seems other posts here for these problems individually but not much response.

Maybe these problems are older than I have gone back.... Any suggestions ?

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Jul 10, 2017
Indiana, USA
I flew with my iPad mini4 over the weekend and didn't have any problems.

I do fly with an OTG cable and occasionally I notice that on some flights the gimbal is slow and / or a pixeled image.

I usually remedy this by landing and turning the Spark off, and then on again. I leave the remote and mini on, but restart the Spark.

I now do a test tilt before liftoff just to save a little time and battery, if it's not right I restart the Spark.

I too had the flight bar change, not reading the time, but read here in the Forum to change the display settings in the device from DARK MODE to Light mode. After I did that, the time showed up in the bubble.

Good luck. :)
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