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Active Track Spark at 48,2 kph.


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Jul 30, 2019
last weekend I tried for the first time to active track my spark to myself on my motorcycle.
This after watching several posts on this item. I know a MP is capable of getting to 50 kph in active track ( if you know about the software bug in speed settings)
what is the bug?
in MP Dji go 4 active track speed can be adjusted to a max. Of 15 m/s.
If youre settings are set in kph instead m/s . The max speed you get is 15 kph
So first I did was preset speed in m/s ( I don’t know if this bug is also applicable to spark ) but this m/s setting never will harm.
Second : active track can’t be used without enabling obstacle sensors. Dji says max speed with enabled obstacle sensors , about 10 kph.
Third: there are 2 active track modes : track and profile. Dji says: in profile obstacle sensors doesn’t work (because they face not the fly direction). In track , sensors face the fly direction, so
max speed is 10 kph. As I recall , this corresponds to my experiences.
Fourth: In track as well in profile one can do the same action : just follow the object from behind although in track orbitting the object is possible . Why make it so complex or what is the difference ?
And here comes my theory:
In track obstacle sensors are enabled causing a max speed of 10 kph.
In profile sensors are disabled (or are not blocking speed ) allowing an average speed of 35 kph.
So saturday I practised in a southwest orientated street without obstruction by trees or houses.
There was pretty much southwestern wind as it mostly is in Belgium.
I started with frontal AT profile (wind direction southwest ) and max speed was about 27 kph.
When I returned with tailwind I had a max speed of 48,2 kph and spark did follow me without any problem.
This two values make an average of about 35 kph .
So , your opinions about this ?


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