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Random fly off


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Mar 2, 2018
The other day I started a flight in my front yard. Conditions outside were great. Preflight checked out. GPS good and everything calibrated. Started flight which went well for about a minute before the spark took off and wouldn’t respond, all while within line of sight. Tried rth but it just kept going so I cancelled and tried manual controls again to no avail. Battery ended up dying and couldn’t use the find my drone function. Flight log said it managed to hit 1200+ feet altitude. DJI is replacing it but curious if anyone else has had or heard of similar issues?
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Lots of fly always for lots of reasons. That’s some height to reach though!
If you upload your flight log here we might be able to see what happened.

DJI Flight Log Viewer
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Had same exact issue last month, mine went 63 mph and did all kinds of crazy turns, horrible feeling 1 minute into flight and it shot off like a rocket and I had zero control. Never found drone but after looking at logs DJI sent me a new drone free. I will not fly around people anymore don't want anyone to get hurt.
I had 57 flights with the Spark, never any indication of a problem and then it happened.
Is everyone who this has happened to using the otg or are they connected by Wi-Fi.

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