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  1. peejay

    Spark RC controller - removable sticks mod possible?

    having too much time to think about stuff to do, while being on partial lockdown, I started to figure out if it's possible to have a nice detachable sticks in Spark's RC controller - same as they were introduced in Mavic Air's RC and all the next DJI's UAVs. I didn't do it yet, it's just a...
  2. N

    Easy Spark Remote Controller mod to fit iPad Mini 2

    I was flying my Spark with my phone, but I had an iPad Mini 2 which fit on an Mavic Air controller just fine, but the grips on the Spark would not open quite wide enough. So I used my side grinder and trimmed back the restricting plastic just a bit on each side of the remote control and voila...
  3. Y

    Repeater antenna possible?

    So I love flying my Spark around, but I want to explore a bit farther. Im too afraid to fly my drone over water, trees, or houses in fear of losing signal and the drone not RTHing correctly. I’m especially nervous after flying my drone over some water a couple times and almost completely losing...
  4. N

    Help connecting RC to phone!

    hey guys, I’m new here, I’m sure some sort of my question has been asked, and I’ve researched to no avail. I want to see if anyone has any tips here. I just got my fly more combo a week ago. My RC and drone weren’t paired, even though everyone claims it is. So i linked them and that was an...
  5. B

    (SOLD) DJI Spark with Remote, case, 4 port charger and 3 batteries

    Excellent condition very little flight time. Comes with the remote, 3 batteries, case, extended landing feet. usb charger and 4 port charger. Fly's great no issues. To many drones and not enough time to fly. Price reduced $395 shipped conus Paypal only.
  6. M

    Looking for OEM antenna

    Hey everyone. I’m looking for OEM remote antennas. My right antenna got snapped off including the wire. Not a fan of the 8” range extenders. Anyone upgraded and want to sell their original antenna?
  7. M

    Random fly off

    The other day I started a flight in my front yard. Conditions outside were great. Preflight checked out. GPS good and everything calibrated. Started flight which went well for about a minute before the spark took off and wouldn’t respond, all while within line of sight. Tried rth but it just...
  8. P

    DJI Spark Fly More Combo, Pelican Case, Extra batteries, Care Refresh

    Up for sale is my used DJI Spark, I just purchased a Mavic Pro so unfortunately need to sell the Spark, although I love this little thing! Included is the entire Fly more combo (some items not shown in the pictures), 4x total batteries, Pelican Storm iM2050 case with a Cobra cut out insert, and...
  9. R

    Android streaming casting to big TV

    Hi All He's a video of my attempt to go BIG SCREEN, using the android casting via wifi and connecting to the remote controller with the OTG. And technically it works. But I'm getting unreliable performance from my OTG which causes the DJI Go 4 app to fight for the wifi connection - sometimes it...