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Oct 12, 2017
ON, Canada
That's true.
I might start taking out the battery immediately after flight, and compare to pre flight shape.
All I've ever noticed are flat backs on mine.

I wish all the DJI batteries had the recessed back like the M1P / MPP battery.
That would allow for a little swelling under hard flight if necessary.
All the later models are flat back, and the M2 series in particular is very prone to popping batteries when they are starting to go, or flown in sports mode, high wind, etc, where the battery is really being worked hard.
Even P3 batteries have a frame around the battery pack and the battery connector is to the side so if a battery swells during flight it just makes it harder to remove from the craft.

I can’t help wondering if DJI realized that the Spark’s battery design was a problem and that is why they decided to abandon developing further iterations of the Spark.



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Mar 9, 2023
I recently had my Spark for sale in the classifieds. I just withdrew my classified ad deciding to use the Spark to train my grandsons who recently just expressed some belated interest in drones when they learned of my classified. I purchased a used battery on eBay which has been fine for getting a Spark up and running on my bench. But it has not been flight tested yet for longevity. So now that I'm keeping the Spark, I'm looking for the next reliable source for batteries. I read SPark_South_Oz's post on September 5, 2021 about batteries from Ali Express. But in looking at an Amazon listing of two Spark batteries for $239, I read one review which I didn't understand and couldn't find answers to with an internet search. The review below was from Amazon...Not Ali Express:

"Buyer BEWARE!!!! Not the newer version with longer clips.
Reviewed in the United States on June 20, 2019
Verified Purchase
Just got the package today both batteries were there. I have not tried them out yet, but for anyone wanting these it is an excellent price for spares however they are NOT I repeat NOT the upgraded version with the longer clips. With that said I won't use them until I have a battery strap. If I have any problems charging or flying with them I will update the review later on."

The reviewer provided no further update. What is the reviewer referring to when mentioning, " they are NOT I repeat NOT the upgraded version with the longer clips"? Can anyone shed any light on his reference to "Longer Clips' and their significance? Why would he not use them until he had a 'battery' strap?

If the length of a battery's 'clip' is so important to identifying 'upgraded version' batteries, how can I know if I'm buying that latest version of a Spark battery from Ali Express, Amazon, eBay or any other source?

Is the reviewer's concern in 2019 relevant in 2021? Or do you just buy Spark batteries and take your chances not knowing whether or not you are buying an upgraded battery with the longer clip length? With the Spark out of production, batteries are my main concern, which I'm sure is shared by all who are not upgrading to more current DJI production drones.
I have some brand new ones of you want. 80 $ each

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