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Spark hyperlapse of incoming cold front

Hello all! How's the weather in your parts? After a long time of no love for my Spark, I've been flying it a lot the past few weeks. There are many things this drone can still do better than my Mini 2. It flies so much stronger! This hyperlapse was done (at first) in 18-20 mph winds. The final 3 seconds (I wish it was longer) was during the full brunt of the wind and cold. It went from 79 degrees here in Northlake, Texas to 39 in 15 minute span. The Spark was being blown around pretty good, but it came back to me no problems at all! The Go 4 app was constantly telling me to land asap due to high winds.

To anyone that might be interested in knowing how to hyperlapse on Spark - let me know, and I will explain how I do it.

To think I was close to selling my Spark is a little sad, but I won't let this little beast go! I know there are others here whom are the same way - and I love and respect all of you for that! ;-)

I hope everyone has a GREAT 2022!

(please choose 1080p if you can)

Great skill! I enjoyed this video, and I love my Spark. Were you using an iPhone with your RC? How did you do hyperlapse?

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