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  1. Excesstext

    Traveling with Spark, worth it?

    I haven’t looked into Vietnam, was going there next year for the F1 but that’s unlikely now. I know what you mean about the local adherence to laws, but me being a white/Anglo tourist does make me nervous when it comes to flouting rules. I was in Laos a couple of weeks back and really I should...
  2. Excesstext

    Traveling with Spark, worth it?

    Thailand is pretty much a no-go for flying unless you have a day to arrange the permit/register/insurance - it’s not impossible but for a short trip through better to leave in your luggage. Malaysia is better (you can fly legally) but there are some specific air-space restrictions. Unlike...
  3. Excesstext

    Airscrew comparison.

    That would also more relate to prop efficiency, drag vs lift. I’m more concerned with flight time changes than the noise, a reliable extra minute or two would be nice :) That said as I’m discovering it’s getting harder and harder to fly a Spark (or any drone) anywhere worldwide as the rules...
  4. Excesstext

    9 MUST DO'S in Thailand

    The key word is Insurance and Police station. :). Good to know that it’s straight forward in practice, so I’ll have another poke around my plans. I’m flying into and out of Chiang Mai, and when I’ve looked into buying insurance that’s internationally valid it’s quite expensive and difficult to...
  5. Excesstext

    Increase in Spark Fly Aways.......why?

    I know I had some interesting moments with my Spark when the IMU and compass calibrations were not at their best. The aircraft/app didn’t tell me the calibrations were bad, but flying in some locations was near impossible. I did the calibrations and flying was good again. If I didn’t have...
  6. Excesstext

    OK to fly with a prop that has a crack halfway up the prop?

    Even in Australia where the props sell for (AU) $16-20 a pair genuine I couldn’t fathom flying with that level of damage as a normal way to think. If I’m lucky I may be able to replace the aircraft for about AUD400, should the prop fail leading to a flight where the aircraft drops in a river...
  7. Excesstext

    9 MUST DO'S in Thailand

    Staying a month makes the paperwork needed to legally fly a drone there and it’s totally worth it [emoji1303] I’ll be in Chiang Mai for 4 or five days in a few months, not going to bother flying because I’ll spend more time getting legal than flying! Doing two weeks in Borneo though so hope to...
  8. Excesstext

    So any news about the low-noise propellers for the spark?

    I’ll have a crack at this :) Sparks have a 4.7” prop with a 3” pitch. We know this from the markings. Mavic Airs, the internet tells me have 5.3” prop with a 3.2” pitch. As all of the “use mavic air props on a spark” involve cutting a “bullnose” style prop end I doubt that there’s going to be...
  9. Excesstext

    Flights of Mozzie

    Back in the air after a few weeks of terrible flying weather. It was a balmy 37 degrees C when I was out flying for this video, and I had a 3.2km walk from the office to the point where I ended taking off! (the route back to the office was shorter at 2.2km)
  10. Excesstext

    DJI stock props vs unbranded props

    I’m sticking all original which is like USD20 for all four. Given I’ve only clipped a few weeds and leaves with them they’re pretty good, and of course that mount leg I broke on one without realising. Probably will just replace the whole set when the bird hits its first birthday (June).
  11. Excesstext

    Flights of Mozzie

    Had some wild weather lately so here's a mash up between earlier this week and today at my regular flying park. You can see just how windy it is as the trees trash about. We also are having a "dust storm" after almost record levels of rain in the last 3 days.
  12. Excesstext

    Thailand Don'ts

    As I’m heading to Thailand soon I’ve been doing the research on the flying drone thing and it’s not quite that bad. Not great though :) Will post up some links later, but basically registration of a drone with camera is mandatory. Altitude ceiling is 90m and the distance from others and so on...
  13. Excesstext

    OTG Cable issue...

    I was getting those with my 6S Plus, but it still worked when dismissed. When I switched to an XS Max (and iOS 12.1) same cable no errors at all.
  14. Excesstext

    Battery fault

    If the battery has had the absolute maximum level of abuse it could easily be stuffed in 30 flights. In the GO4 app you can see the cycle count and voltage levels for the battery which may help with further diagnosis.
  15. Excesstext

    Flights of Mozzie

    Something cool about being able walk out of the office and go for a fly “in the bush” at lunchtime. It’s literally 1 mile (1600m) from my desk :) Just a DJIGO4 auto edit of the 720 footage...