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Recent content by sinaus

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    Solstice Canyon, Malibu CA

    Just fly and be careful that's all ;-) Sent from my LG-H990 using Tapatalk
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    Hello from Sweden!

    Very nice! Welcome to the family [emoji2]
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    DJI Spark Range - With Controller

    4 miles total. To and back [emoji2] . That's still freaking impressive.
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    Spark 3-Battery charger question

    That's right.
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    Connect RC controller for dummies

    Thank you for the reply. Very good point. I wanted to have quick flight and yes I had forgotten there is a danger of flying away. Oh by the way I know it does have GPS locked to home point as it was flashing green slowly. So if it did lose signal will it fly back to to home?
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    Connect RC controller for dummies

    Attention: All pilots, I wanted to know how far can Spark travels with just remote controller. Meaning not connected to phone/tablet wifi. Somehow I cannot get my spark to say fly 200 feet from my position. Is this normal? Thanks for any info. NOTE: When I wanted to start a new post, I had to...
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    Checking in from Montreal, Canada!

    Welcome to the family [emoji6]
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    Altitude Conundrum

    I don't get it how you could fly at night as it stated in the rules that no flying after sundown and before day break. I saw guys on youtube doing that and is it legal at all?
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    Altitude Conundrum

    In this case, VLOS always!
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    Spark vs Mavic Air

    For me the extra safety feature is important as I do have occasionally experience having my drone flying backwards too close for my comfort. If money is not a limiting factor, I will definitely go for the extra safety. Of course it does have other "wonderful" features in the Air package. Of...
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    help wanted - panning... how to pan smoothly?

    Panning is always tricky. Don't fly too windy and also a good distance away from subjects give better results. Have fun and have a great day.
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    help wanted - panning... how to pan smoothly?

    Go here to learn about it.
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    help wanted - panning... how to pan smoothly?

    Are you flying a DJI Spark? Go get some ND filters.
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    help wanted - panning... how to pan smoothly?

    use filters to slow down your shutter speed already have you?
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    Another moron... Drone above aircraft on approach to Las Vegas

    I think I need to find another hobby. This idiot will get us all in ****. What an a.hole!