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  1. G

    Help with interpreting crash (and suggestions for fixing it)

    HI all, recently I had a bad crash which ended up with a broken arm (the spark front-right, not mine!), but I'd like confirmation from the experts here on what really happened. [You can skip the part in blue if you want] A bit of context: many months ago I had another hard crash (I know, I...
  2. mpmelton07

    Gimbal Calibration on Mac OS X

    Has anyone successfully calibrated their gimbal using Mac OS X? I recently replaced my camera housing since the outer lens broke after a crash and now my camera is not level to the horizon. I have seen all the posts and YouTube videos that discuss the process using the github DJI Firmware...
  3. aidenholdingphotography

    Crashed from 100metres

    Hey guys I just crashed my drone today camera gimbal is broken and alpine white cover popped up in a couple places. Wondering if anyone else has had a crash like this and how much it would cost to repair. Cried for like 3hrs after crashing. Any help on what I can do would be nice.
  4. N

    Phone crash during flight - Not app crash

    Quiet often when flying the spark with the controller and DJI go 4 app my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will crash and restart mid flight. The controller stays connected to the drone but I lose the flight record for that flight, which is concerning. All apps and devices are fully updated, phone...
  5. A

    Total loss of control

    I recently lost my Spark to a total loss of control. i was flying on the beach, and as soon as i took off the drone just keeps spinning, absolutely no control from the sticks. RTH works just fine, but as soon as it comes over my head and wants to decend, it starts spinning uncontrollably again...
  6. NDJollyMon

    My first crash

    Crashed my DJI SPARK today, no damage. (short fall)
  7. Tiller

    Spark has a heating issue?

    Hi everyone - I flew my awesome Spark today. It was about 88-90 F outside. Everything was going great until I started on the 2nd battery. All of a sudden when I pushed sticks to go up.. it abruptly descended, I tried to re adjust using small adjustments and all off a sudden it just dropped like...
  8. M

    My first crash!

    Technically, I didn't crash - a mail truck veered into my Spark! Spectacular! Glad I'm still using the prop guards most of the time. Protects me and things around me at low altitude, and gives it a bit larger silhouette at altitude so I can see it. Broke a prop and bent one of the guards, but...
  9. M

    Strange crash - 4.2.12, OTG, active track

    I had a wierd crash today morning. I was using the new 4.2.12 app with OTG connection and was in active track mode, following my daughter on the bike. The Spark stopped because a tree braanch was in front of it, I bypassed it and initiated the activive track further. Suddenly the connection was...
  10. BradmanOH

    Snapped a prop

    I climbed right into a tree limb and one of the props snapped off. My Spark dropped like a rock and shut down. I was able to find the prop in the lawn. The two tabs that go into the motor hub sheared right off. I think everything worked like it is supposed to. I replaced the broken prop and...
  11. BradmanOH

    First Crash

    Caught a tree branch in the backyard today while I was getting the feel for my new Spark. The prop guards did their job and took a pretty hard hit. It was enough to bend the prop guard so the prop hit it. When I tried to restart the Spark it wacked the prop guard and I got a "motor obstructed"...
  12. Hamid

    DJI spark drifted side way out of control!

    It happened twice, as soon as flown started to drift side way and little response to control commands! Today I was nearly missed it when it started to drift and got engaged with tree branches! it was almost crashing in a river!
  13. N

    Spark lost altitude and crashed on RTH

    I decided to fly my spark today over an open field trying to see how far I can go with it before it loses signal and come home.. So on a fresh battery I let it flew thinking if it doesnt come home on its own.. I will hit RTH when battery hits 60% trying to be safe. About 2000 ft in.. I lost...
  14. Austevik Dronefoto

    Spark | Drone in the Drain

    Went out to fly and found a drainpipe. Seemed like a good idea to fly inside it. Turns out I should have planned it a little better! o_O
  15. A

    Crash report - Battery level malfunction

    My Spark seemed to malfunction causing a fatal crash. I was flying in an open space with clear operating conditions and warm weather. I flew around taking video for about 8 minutes. Then I brought it back close to home to take some photos of the villa I was staying at for a few minutes, thinking...
  16. S

    DJIGo4 app closing

    Hi guys, I was originally running 4.18 on a Samsung tablet (Galaxy Tab A 2017) that lost OTG support due to that update. I noticed that on the tablet the DJI app closes while flying, It doesn't pop up anything it just returns me to the main app menu from where I launched the app. I downgraded...
  17. G

    It finally happened

    so today I finally had a minor crash with my spark. Caught a tree branch, broke a rotor and the spark got hung up on the tree limb. After a little work managed to get the spark down from from the tree from a height of 10ft with the only the damage To the rotor rear rotor blade. So after 40...
  18. M

    Spark's gimbal error

    Hi everyone, I just signed up in your forum because I find it nice and I just bought my Spark 2 days ago. I'm facing a small issue with my Spark : After 5-6 nice flights, I once got a quite "rough" landing / small crash due to a gust of wind. I took it again and was quite reassured it...
  19. bobnalyd

    OPTI to GPS to ATTI and then a crash...

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum. I have had the spark for a week now and have got some awesome footage here in New Zealand. On my last flight my spark kept switching from OPTI to GPS mode. I was able to take off in OPTI mode with 9 to 10 satellites showing so didn't worry to much as i was not...
  20. R

    Stiff/thight motor after crash and HOW i solve it.

    Hello pilots! A few days ago, i've chrashed my spark, after that i noticed that 1 motor was thight, when i flew the drone it was not 100% stable, and when i landed it, the stiffed motor was very hot. So i search for help in google, but no lucky, so i decided to try to repair my drone. i've...