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  1. H

    Spark wont take off?

    So I'm not sure if it's because I did some maintenance and somehow broke something or forgot something (well... the pin head for the front sensor got stuffed, but that shouldn't be a problem for general flight?) Or there was an update that I just did with it. But it won't take off, auto take off...
  2. K

    IMU Error

    I have run Autopilot a while ago. Today it was impossible as there was IMU error. Loaded GO4 and calibrated the IMU as well as the compass. Then it was OK here but after shutting down everything and started Autopilot again there still was IMU error…?!? What can I do more?
  3. P

    Spark Height Failure at Zero Feet Help

    Hi, my spark is only about 5 or 6 months and it has a problem where it says the height is at zero feet when it is actually at 60 feet for example, last week it is giving me a "downward sensor failure, please land immediately" warning message, but is not doing this since, are these related?? I...
  4. M

    Spark's gimbal error

    Hi everyone, I just signed up in your forum because I find it nice and I just bought my Spark 2 days ago. I'm facing a small issue with my Spark : After 5-6 nice flights, I once got a quite "rough" landing / small crash due to a gust of wind. I took it again and was quite reassured it...
  5. J

    Cannot connect to Spark

    I just got the Spark Fly-More package. Spark and controller are updated through DJI Assistant 2, controller is connect to Spark (green light). Phone is connected to controller. In DJI Go 4 i can enter the aircraft, but I have no picture and the status line at the top says "Disconnected."...
  6. sparkpod

    File Type Not Supported (video not saved correctly - help!)

    Title says it all. I've just returned from a great set of flights. All of them cached correctly in the iPhone (7 plus, DJI Go 4.1.7) but when trying to get them out of the spark using an SD card adapter (came with the card) it says that (the best) one of my videos can't be transferred! Eek! It...
  7. M

    My Spark's Live Video Feed Keeps Cutting Out Mid-Flight

    Hey, Just got my Spark and so far so good except for the fact that my Live Video Feed (on the DJI GO4 app) seems to cut out after about 100m... Is this normal? How can I try fix this? Also, on a completely separate note: is there any obvious reason that everyone else's video footage seems to...