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  1. Nemesis Looms

    Knowledge test in the middle of a flight anybody?

    I'm new to this drone lark but by means of some creative lurking on this forum and other sources, I have managed ( somehow ) to become reasonably competent in the use of my Spark, although I don't fully understand all the stuff that makes it go. Today, having just updated the firmware and...
  2. Wanderer

    Mixing Firmware Modules

    Is it allowed to discuss about mixing firmware modules here? The point is: currently there is FW .701 on my Spark. Since DJI released a battery update with FW 900, I would like to update my batteries to the latest battery module. But only the batteries! Since FW 701 is running fine on my Spark...
  3. A

    How to downgrade to 4.1.15 for IOS

    hi there, how to downgrade to firmware 4.1.15 for IOS User? Anyone can help?
  4. I

    So, Didn't Update Firmware 1/9/2017.. Still was able to palm launch

    Thought would see what would be state of play on the 2/9/17 IF didn't do the upgrade. I understand how/why but was really concerned that I could still launch/fly in gesture mode...
  5. S

    RC connected but not working

    Hi everybody, My new spark fly more combo remote controller has an issue. I upgraded the firmware of the AC (V01.00.0600), RC (V01.00.0400) through the DJI Go4 app. After 2-3 flights working well with an OTG cable (without taking into account about the arrows printed on jacks) the RC started a...
  6. R

    Using DJI Assistant 2 To Update Firmware

    I just used the DJI Assistant 2 software to update the firmware on the Spark airframe and all three of my batteries after today's firmware release. After doing so, I connected the RC controller to the computer using usb cable, expecting it to show up on the Assistant software. It never...
  7. DesertWindAero

    Is there a way to avoid firmware updates?

    We're using Spark as an indoor tactical tool for a SWAT team. But, I'm concerned that after starting DJI GO and Spark that an entire operation can go south because there's a dang firmware update that needs to install. Is there a way to prevent those updates? Perhaps keep iOS device in...
  8. Caiokv

    DJI Spark Battery Bricked During Firmware Update Two Middle LEDs On

    Hello all, My DJI Spark battery just became paper weight! Here is what happened: I was updating my DJI Spark, with my phone connected to the controller via WiFi and the controller connected to Spark. At 98% of the update the aircraft would not turn on, and the battery was stuck with the two...
  9. F

    Flymore combo setup, first flight, my observations

    I got my sunrise yellow flymore combo this morning (ordered on 5/24). Packaging was good, everything was nicely wrapped or fit a perfect space in the box. Charged batteries, went through manuals, activated Spark through DJI Go 4 app on iPad mini 4, updated firmware and did a short test flight...
  10. DesertWindAero

    Upgrading firmware via WiFi

    This may sound like a dumb question...but, why do you have to be connected to a WiFi network to download firmware updates? My device (iPad, iPhone) is connected via Verizon LTE...is that not good enough? Thanks in advance...