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gimbal calibration

  1. mpmelton07

    Gimbal Calibration on Mac OS X

    Has anyone successfully calibrated their gimbal using Mac OS X? I recently replaced my camera housing since the outer lens broke after a crash and now my camera is not level to the horizon. I have seen all the posts and YouTube videos that discuss the process using the github DJI Firmware...
  2. A

    Adjust Roll Gimbal is ok in -4...

    After my drone crashed because the battery was wrong, his gimbal was twisted on the horizon. enter a configuration and when I place it in -4 everything works ok! but I want it to be like before it looked good at zero. I already tried to re-establish factory values, clean the gimbal by blowing...
  3. J

    Wie geht gimbalkalibrierung mit dem pc

    Hallo Freunde der Lüfte. Ich bin neu hier fliege aber schon langer. Ich habe nach dem Austausch meines Gimbalmotors das Problem, dass der Gimbal permanent in alle Richtungen schlägt und auch schnell Gimbal-Überlastungen angezeigt wird.Auf dem alten Gimbal ist es wieder normal. Oder liegt es an...
  4. D

    How to: Spark Gimbal Calibration

    Hi fellow spark pilots, I recently had a little mishap (crash) with my spark, and noticed that the gimbal was out of alignment. I searched the internet far and wide to try and find some help on how to recalibrate the gimbal, but to no avail. However, thankfully just the other day I came across a...
  5. T

    Recalibrate tilted camera?

    So my camera is tilted to the side horizontally, is there anything I can do to fix this or can I recalibrate it?
  6. D

    Gimbal cal. & sensitivity/gain settings

    I´m a new Spark owner and coming from an Inspire 1 and a Mavic Pro i think there is many settings and options missing in the Spark compared to those other DJI drones. Is there really no settings for gimbal calibration, and no possibility to change the Sensitivity settings (brakes & attitude)...