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otg cable

  1. C

    Thanks To You... I Think My Spark is Ready to Fly!

    I was finally able to update the firmware on my Spark and Remote given to me by a friend. I accomplished this without the OTG cable as suggested. I now understand what Spark 317 & others meant by doing the ‘dance’… switching between my Wifi network to download the firmware updates & switching...
  2. C

    OTG Cable Worked Great!

    The OTG cable from eBay was the key to finally getting the Spark, Controller, and iPhone 12 Pro Max on the same page. I received a 'Precise Fly Database Update', 'New Firmware Update', and 'Weak Default Password' messages, which I will work through. But got the all important 'Connected' message...
  3. A

    OTG Cable - Needed Now?

    Can anyone tell me if the OTG cable is necessary with the Spark? I saw posts from 2017 but wasn't sure if this was needed or worked in the 2019 year! Any recommendations would be great!
  4. V

    OTG Cable issue...

    My OTG cable worked just fine until the last update. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Is there a particulr OTG cable I should purchase? I fly with an iPhone 8 Plus.
  5. D

    3 new OTG Cables - USB C - Las Vegas pickup or ship $10

    I have some new OTG cables from Amazon that I can't use. Nice quality, braided cables. Save a few bucks, I'll mail them USPS for $10. Just can't get my Moto Z phone to work (unsupported), so I am using an older phone that does not have USB C. USB Type C to USB 3.1 Adapter, iSeekerkit 2Pack...
  6. Gary Benzion

    Newbie Observations on OTG and WiFI

    As a Spark newbie I discovered a few hurdles that may be of interest to some or merely old bromides to those of you with more experience. In no order of importance, they are: · I tried 3 different OTG cables before I was able to get one to work. This one works fine if you remember to...
  7. A

    Spark, Android and live stream to Facebook

    Hi everyone, I'm new here just bought a spark few weeks ago and I'm learning how to operate it, I tried to find a solution for streaming live to Facebook with andAndr phone for example, the only way spark will give u the option to stream live is when the android phone is connect to the remote...
  8. Australian Aviator

    Battery swapping while using an external power source.

    Can I keep the spark powered up on an external power source with an OTG cable (auxiliary power, to use an aviation expression) while swapping the batteries, so all systems remain powered up and flight can be resumed immediately without re-connection and compass calibration? Of course, turning...
  9. B

    OTG Cable, GPS and Android

    Yet another OTG Cable issue... I own an Android Google Pixel. I have no issues connecting the OTG cable to my phone. Everything is a go... Except when I take off, my phone in not showing that my Spark is connected to any Satellites. It simply reads N/A. Thus, I am not able to see my altitude...
  10. infamousevans

    New Spark Owner, occasional choppy video feed... do I OTG?

    I think honestly one of the most annoying things with the Spark is the occasional lag/skipping with the video feed. Can any experienced pilots help me with some advice? I really appreciate your feedback. It's been killer so far. Here is some of my info in case your wondering: Firmware for the...
  11. S

    RC connected but not working

    Hi everybody, My new spark fly more combo remote controller has an issue. I upgraded the firmware of the AC (V01.00.0600), RC (V01.00.0400) through the DJI Go4 app. After 2-3 flights working well with an OTG cable (without taking into account about the arrows printed on jacks) the RC started a...
  12. Len


    I use IOS11 for some weeks now on my iPhone 6 and do not experience a lot of issues. I fly with the OTG cable connected to the RC. The only thing I noticed is that when I change battery I have to restart the RC and DJI GO 4 app again and enter my iPhone password, otherwise the flight distance of...