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  1. Northwood Mediaworks

    Exploring Range Pt.1 5.8Ghz

    o_OSo, another farm video... Flight 33 this time (do I hear a collective groan? ) if you've seen enough of these already... feel free to change the channel :p, but then everyone slows down to look at a car wreck!:rolleyes:;) So, I am getting braver each time I fly... and thanks to having...
  2. JoostGT3

    Antenna mod (4Hawks) - Any tips?

    Ok, guys&gals, I haven't been real active on this thread, as I only have a Mavic Pro and no Spark, but I have been lurking and think it's about time to put the power of this wonderful forum to work, hope you can help me! Background Like I said, proud Mavic Pro owner here, but found myself...
  3. K

    Spark's range?

    Hello, I recently got myself a Spark and was able to fly it a bit in these last few days. I already have a Mavic, which is a wonderful drone, but I liked the compactness of the Spark. Anyway, I read a bit about range before purchasing the Spark and I came to understand that while it's nowhere...
  4. S

    UK Parabolic extender - Which one?

    Just after some tried and tested help please. These extenders seem to be hit and miss and I still can't work out of they are any use or just a waste of time. My Spark with the RC will reach between 300-400m here in the UK. Is there any improvement with these extenders and if so, which one...
  5. T

    Limited range in Europe (CE).

    Hi. Norwegian first time droneowner here. I’ve recently bougth an DJI Spark, and I’m wondering why the range limitation in CE-area is so much higher than the Mavic. If I have my numbers correct, the Mavic have an FCC-range at ca 7km, and a CE-range at ca 4km. That is a reduction of about 43%...
  6. Lancelot

    Range and Connection issue: What to check

    As I have seen many great answers around the range and connection issue, I thought there should be a thread that sum this all up, so that new people/ people looking for solution doesnt have to look into different threads and/or open up its own thread. This thread will be updated, so all...
  7. Mako79

    What an unrestricted wifi spark does - speed and 350m range

    For scientific purposes
  8. S

    Spark range issues - Android

    I have recently got a dji spark, and the range on it is about 150m max. I live in Europe so understand range is low, but is their any way to improve it? Thank you.X
  9. O

    RTH - Return To Home

    Is there a way to turn off automatic RTH (Return To Home)? Would like to fly underneath trees or even in the woods. Also like to fly indoors. Need Spark to just stay in place with loss of signal. With loss of signal I can't even override the RTH. But I can move in to recapture the signal.
  10. P

    Spark range on 5.8GHz better than 2.4GHz or OTG

    After latest firmware (01.00.0500) update & latest DJI Go 4 App update (4.1.5), I noticed that range seems to be improved. I decided to do a test from a multistory parking (to get a better VLOS) using OTG vs WIFI. To my surprise, I got best results (1.2 miles / 2KM range & a perfect signal...
  11. J

    Spark Range

    Are they saying 1.3 mile range with the controller is that correct? That is still an incredible distance. Is that line of site?