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  1. Zaba

    A clip from a frozen island in Saint-Petersburg

    A short clip compiled after my visit to Saint-Petersburg's Kanonyersky ostrov. A panoramic view of the ship-repairement yard and the district surrounding it. Unfotunately this winter was too short for me to visit that place at least once again to film it from different povs.
  2. Wanderer

    Impressions from Bavaria (Spark + Osmo Pocket)

    Impressions from Landsberg am Lech, a cosy Bavarian town next to the Lech river. Filmed with DJI Spark & Osmo Pocket.
  3. Hotwire

    Spark Smooth Pan

    Spark can't do cinematic pan but..."" No colour or other modifications to enhance the video, were applied.
  4. BrianSC

    Jumping from cliffs

    Met these guys the other day who asked me to do some footage of them jumping from the cliffs into the sea, with the Spark.
  5. K

    A month with the spark

    Well it’s been a month since I bought the Spark, thoroughly enjoying it. So here is a compilation of some of the sites I’ve flown Sparkie. Video from (Adelaide) South Australia. Very dry here this time of year. It’s been interesting finding locations that we are permitted to fly here. Most of...
  6. E

    Princes' Islands in Istanbul

    Hi all, Here is another landscape from Istanbul, Princess Islands from cross land, I hope you will enjoy it. Princes Islands in Istanbul
  7. J

    I'm new to this....

    I purchased my drone around 4 weeks ago... i've flown a handful of time and now i've decided to use adobe premiere pro to make some footage, i'm also new to editing.. i was hoping for some folk to have a look at both the videos and hand out some pointers on both taking the shots and editing...
  8. S

    Tips For Uploading to YouTube?

    Hi all! Wondering whether I could get people’s various tips when it comes to uploading footage to YouTube? I figure others would find this useful also. To begin with, does anyone have advice on how to best preserve the Spark’s video quality when posting to YouTube? In this vid, the final...
  9. R

    New Year at Dabguli Forest-Bangalore-India

    It was new year and decided to take the spark with me to do some recording, still a beginner to flying and editing videos.. all kinds of criticism is accepted. Check it out!!
  10. SlaVa

    Somewhere near Minsk... Abandoned building... Inside out...

  11. Gavieboydgi

    Dji Spark Quick Edit

    Dji Spark quick edit I did with Cyberlink its pretty good editing software still getting used to it.
  12. Wanderer

    Flying the Spark while riding our E-Boards

    I was wondering how good (or bad) Active Track would work while riding on our E-Boards. I assumed that it would require a lot of open space but It turned out to work better than I thought. Using Active Track while riding the board is a Spark battery eater though.
  13. M

    How to get the live video feed from spark to computer.

    I want to know is there any APIs available for dji spark like for tello there is a API named tellopy. Or else is there any ways to get the live feed to PC. I only want the live feed to PC..
  14. Simon Cooper

    DJI Spark - The 1st Five Months (The best bits)

    A compilation of the best bits of the last five months with my DJI Spark. Local footage of the Athelstone, South Australia, area and footage taken during our Bali, Indonesia, holiday, 2018:
  15. Wanderer

    Spark Forest Flight

    Flying the Spark through a dense forest. Seemed to be tricky at first but Tripod mode allows to control the Spark very precisely.
  16. Wanderer

    Ammersee Lake Flight (Bavaria)

    Flying along the west shore of the Ammersee lake. Ammersee is the third largest lake in Bavaria after Chiemsee and Starnberger See (among the lakes located exclusively in Bavaria) and the northernmost pre-alpine lake.
  17. NacMacFeegle

    Flying over the Worlds Largest Sitka Spruce

    I filmed this giant 1,000 year old tree in the Quinault Rainforest last week. It is an amazing experience to see this massive living thing in person! It's 191 feet tall and 17.7 feet in diameter.
  18. Wanderer

    Video: River Flight

    Flew a few rounds across the nearby river recently. Still experimenting with auto VS manual exposure. Personally, I find it somewhat cumbersome to adjust the exposure or shutter speed for every single shot so I tend to use auto mode. Therefore, this footage has been shot with all settings to auto.
  19. Liamski

    First FCC flight over Mitcham Common.

    First proper flight in my usual place with the Spark in FCC mode, and the difference is unbelievable. Burned through 4 batteries, hit insane altitudes and distance without a single loss of signal, video lag, transmission issues, anything. This has completely transformed the Spark for me, was so...
  20. I

    Two tips for cinematic videos with DJI Spark

    Although limited adjustment you can make with the DJI Spark camera, here are a couple fo tips if you want a more cinematic look to your DJI Spark videos. What do PL filters really do?