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Fly Away Aborted


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Jun 22, 2017
I experienced a flyaway while in Active Track mode! I fly with my iPad as the controller. I was able to aborted the flyaway it by quickly switching to virtual joystick controller mode and descend toward the ground. Once Spark got close to the ground it stopped and landed safely.

Here's more detail. I was in Active Track mode flying in Profile. I was walking back toward Home Point with Spark about 10ft to my left and about 12 ft off the ground. Everything seemed normal. Suddenly, Spark took off at VERY HIGH SPEED in a wide arc and started to ascend like in a large Helix.....toward a line of trees! I though I would lose Spark. I reacted quickly by switching to virtual joystick mode and pulled the left control down to descend. As Spark got close to the ground it stopped and landed! Flyaway averted!

I was fortunate to be flying close to the ground when the flyaway started, and was lucky I thought to descend. I figured I'd rather have Spark crash into the grass than the trees or fly off to never never land! There must be a bug in the software somewhere.

This is the second time I've experienced a Helix problem. The first time was when I tried Helix for the first and only time, and now this which looked like a Helix maneuver.

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