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Spark goes berserk after hitting a tree - but it's alive!


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Jul 16, 2017
disclaimer: before you'll start to judge me and call dumb - yes, I'm aware of my dumbness at this point. I'm not asking you to understand me or something, I'm just writing it FYI, as a warning maybe, and because I am really curious what did happened inside my Spark.

so, I did something stupid...

during last weekend's mountain trip, I used my Drony Spark [you'll see in the end, that it's a real ironma.. irondrone ;)] few times, one was with active tracking - drone was following us while we were walking on a path in the woods. then, we thought "ok, now let's get it from the front", so - stupid me - turned on sport mode, to make a quick fly-by and set the drone a couple of meters before us. fly-attitude was low enough not to hit any of us, or the trees, but there was one little detail I've omitted: because of one microscopic move with the control stick (I used RC) the drone flew not perfectly straight forward, but it turned for a collision course with a tree that stood next to the path (and the path was about 2-3 meters wide). it was a matter of seconds (due to turning on the sport mode.. my stupid fault), but when I realised what's happening, I've let both sticks free, and after seeing raging Spark - tried to turn off the engines (there's killswitch mentioned in the documentation), I don't know if I succeed, or if Spark turned itself upside down causing engines to turn off, but it finally crashed to the ground.

what made me ask "WTF JUST HAPPENED?!", was the few-second action performed by drone. it hit the tree, and even if I let the sticks free - drone started to fly in random directions, it flew deeper in the woods, and (obviously) started to hit more trees with a pattern: one hit, one turn, go forward, hit the tree, turn etc. ALL WITH KINDA HIGH SPEED (due to sport mode).

thank god it we were in the woods, not in the plains - at last the trees has stopped my drone ;)

summary of the event: one propeller lost in the woods, one propeller teared in half, little bit of dust here and there, but: ALL ELECTRONICS ARE WORKING, GIMBAL AND CAMERA ARE UNTOUCHED. it looked VERY scary while Spark was bouncing on the trees with high speed, but it made no harm to the little fella :) [I've got DJI Spark Refresh anyway, so I was only wishing that I could find my quad after the accident]. oh, and it de-synchronized with the RC, so I have to pair it again.

flight conditions: a kinda sunny afternoon. it wasn't windy at all, according to DJI GO app the GPS signal was good, and home position was recorded - but now, while looking at the logs (I wanted to check if there's something interesting about speed or direction of "the rage") - it says "no gps"... and I can assure you, that I didn't even start the engine without "all lights green" for the GPS signal. starting point was a nice clearing throught which our path went.

my conclusion: do not underestimate the power and strenght of Spark. NEVER turn on the sport mode in the woods [or maybe - NEVER EVER ;) first master the drone operations]. think twice, before you move. and d*mn! the little sparky is stronger that I thought! my head would be cracked already in few places after that many tree-hits...

my question is: is it normal that it went berserk after hitting a tree? or it was such a hard hit, that the small electronic brain thought "run at all cost!"?

anybody can relate to my question?

PS. yes, I've got a video couple of second long, with Spark's berserk flight - I'll post it soon probably, but there's not too much to see. just a world turning upside-down ;)

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