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Remote id module

Greetings from Birmingham Alabama USA, welcome to the forum! We look forward to hearing from you!
Hello just trying to find out if remote ID will be needed for recreational flying. Any one know? If so where can I get a module?
Hello just trying to find out if remote ID will be needed for recreational flying. Any one know? If so where can I get a module?

I posted a video but it was deleted?

Here's a couple links...

The Beacon can be used on multiple aircraft.

The Blue Mark is for one drone only.
I haven't been keeping up with it lately, but Sept. 16th is coming whether we're ready or not. I've watched some YT stuff showcasing some modules, but they verge on being cost-impractical to buy a module that's approaching the dollar value of the Spark itself. The FAA's regs could have been so much worse had they decided on the original network requirements, but it's small solace for those who own a good working drone that's being forced into obsolescence. The 249 gram stuff was the right way to go, but I hesitate to spend the money on an entire new kit.
Thanks at this time it looks like old sparky is going to be a paper weight. Hope they don't pass this new bill banning dji.
Czech company Dronetag debuted what appears to be a capable add-on RID module named "Dronetag BS". The product name as a not-so-tongue-in-cheek assessment of their opinion on the globally expanding requirements for RID. The product was shown at the Xponential 2023 conference in Colorado last month and, if ordered the day of the announcement, was pre-order priced at $49 after which the price went to its "habitual" price of $89. Weighing just 0.105 oz (antennas included) with dimensions 0.66 x 0.55 x 0.19 in, it purports to satisfy all FAA requirements. It's unclear when the product would be available, but FAA requires RID starting Sept 16th of this year.

Obviously the $49 price looks extremely attractive, but that price had come and gone by the time I ran across the news. Too, I'd like to see some user evaluations under real world conditions before buying any new product, particularly from an overseas company with which I am unfamiliar, before I handed over $89. Ken Herron did a YT video on a couple of after market RID units including a more expensive module from Dronetag and he seemed impressed. I hope competition will ultimately lower the price points of other companies' modules so those of us with legacy drones can keep flying without having to abandon them. Time will tell.

PS: apologies if I posted this in the wrong section.
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Thanks at this time it looks like old sparky is going to be a paper weight. Hope they don't pass this new bill banning dji.

No ban on DJI consumer drones is planned afaik, just US federal and perhaps some state govco use.
I guess if you use DJI drones for govco contracts you might be affected, but for most of us it will be life as usual, as long as you comply with whatever RID type legislation is brought in.
An article in the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) said "the FAA anticipates modules to cost approximately $50. There are several advertised in the lower end of the price range, but while many of them have complied with FCC requirements, many are awaiting FAA approval. We hope as the Sept. 16th deadline approaches more vendors will have gotten the necessary certifications and prices will be more reasonable. Ease of integration with legacy UAS products will be important. The free market will eventually shake out the good ones from the others.
I just learned from the YouTube creator: Alien Drone, you can order from Amazon the Holy Stone HRSID01. Using the discount code: “RID20OFF” you’ll pay $71.99 instead of $89.99
Just ordered from Amazon Prime and the RID20OFF code worked! Thanks
Got mine on the $72 Cyber Monday sale. Having watched various videos, including one by Holy Stone, the setup and registration with the FAA went flawlessly. I can't find anything citing a particular drone tracking app to see if/how it works, but Holy Stone says if the right hand green LED is blinking slowly, it's working. Their FAQs ask "how do I know if it's working" and HS says, "There is no official channel for the public from the FAA to check the broadcasting status so far". I guess we'll see, but I'm relying on their FAA Certificate of Compliance that it's functioning as it should.
I purchased a holystone rid module and would like to know where to locate it not to interfere with gps of spark. Anyone know?
This is what I'm trying to find out. I don't know where to place it on the spark. I understand the gps in it is in the rear end.
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I had purchased a HOLY STONE MODULE, for its size. From Amazon. Don't use the the velcro that it comes with. Buy some nylon looking type velcro. I mounted the module on top in the center and so that props won't be a problem. (THE GPS IS LOCATED TOP REAR OF THE DRONE).

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