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Remote id module

Thanks. I got my holy stone and upgraded serial number and my registration just fine. I went to the declarations and compliance page and it does not recognize my serial number. Wonder what’s up with that.
I found another say on top in the middle of the fuselage and the props clear
The holy stone module works great with no interference. When you search /look on the FAA declarations and compliance website The serial number does not show up, but the serial number is on the doc for holly stone. in fact, no serial numbers show up in the search for that matter wonder what’s up with that. Holy Stone said it was the FAA.
I had purchased a HOLY STONE MODULE, for its size. From Amazon. Don't use the the velcro that it comes with. Buy some nylon looking type velcro. I mounted the module on top in the center and so that props won't be a problem. (THE GPS IS LOCATED TOP REAR OF THE DRONE).
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Holy stone module from Amazon works extremely well on the spark

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