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Signal lost almost every flight

I guess you can't force reflash the remote. Lest I can't find a way, so I reflashed the spark, 3 times (45 min I coulda been eating ice cream..)

Whats strange is I turned off wifi on my phone, was hooked up via OTG and just took off in my house (after the reflashing) and hovered. I panned and noticed even at 5 feet away the video display for the live stream on my phone was choppy. I did confirm it's not choppy in the actual phone file or on the sd card. I didn't lose signal but I was indoors 5 ft from the remote.

Before I took off I played with changing the wifi channels, again. It doesn't matter what the channel is once I switch to it the noise goes off the chart. If I go to 2.4 say channel 6, where there was zero noise, it jumps to about 70db. Better than off the chart I guess, but then I notice all other channels in 2.4 jump up to about 80db of noise. What the heck.. Any 5.8 channel I go to will peg and the others will go to almost nothing. This is with wifi off on the phone and otg cable only. It appears the in the house, or my neighborhood, 2.4 looks fanstastic, until I switch to it then it gets all noisy. I wonder if I'm dropping 5.8 and then it flips to 2.4 and freaks out then the remote disconnects.

I switch to 165, it looks good till the spark is connected then it will go to 50dbb, if I go to the 2.4 it does this

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