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    It's a wee small island (0.40 hectare!) in Lake of the Woods, near Nestor Falls, ON. I'm a US citizen, but had family in the area, been going there since I was 3. I've moved a lot down here in the states, but that's always been a constant for me. My North Star. Since I'm not a permanent...
  2. Transplant


    Nice! I'm waiting for the border to open so I can get back to where I really want to be.
  3. Transplant

    Female pilots?

    Kansas/Northwestern Ontario woman flyer checking in. I agree with Barbara, this forum is a good one. I'm a member of other forums (non drone) and oh, my.
  4. Transplant

    DJI Spark discontinued

    Love my spark. At one point I decided to get the Mavic Zoom (Longer flight time, better camera, add your own justification here) but decided I was happy with the Spark. The flight time is long enough for what I need and when changing batteries I think about a different flight path / angle for my...
  5. Transplant

    Canadian SFOC application

    For those traveling to Canada and wanting to fly, you'll need a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC). https://www.tc.gc.ca/en/services/aviation/drone-safety/get-permission-fly-drone-outside-rules.html#foreign I emailed my application on June 3rd (tried on the precious Friday evening...
  6. Transplant

    My Bad Luck

    Yep, big no fly zone due to Trump being at Mar a Lago -
  7. Transplant

    New Canadian Regulations to be Announced Today

    I think the gripes concern the facts that the FAA doesn't require the same amount of paperwork. I looked at the FAA site and didn't see anything that would require a visitor to fly under the Part 107 rules. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.) Transport Canada has visitors jumping through more...
  8. Transplant

    New Canadian Regulations to be Announced Today

    Wish they had "contact your local airport" rule like the US does.... I'm in a semi-remote area with a airstrip nearby (no tower, no fuel, no nothing....). We get a flight in maybe once a week. I have a float plane flying service on a different lake but I'm within 3 km of it. <sigh>
  9. Transplant


    Uh.... great minds think alike? :)
  10. Transplant


    Don't give up on your aerial views, I've been playing around with adding ground level still shots in my videos during post processing... a different way to tell a story....
  11. Transplant

    Missed Perceptions

    Not mine, but I saw this video and enjoyed it. Richard Gingras is in charge of Google News, but has time for vids like this:
  12. Transplant

    USA users: FAA registration

    I really can't understand the push back on registering. The "they're going to take away my (enter here whatever you think is going to get banned) if we register!" fear is baseless.
  13. Transplant

    Yet another tiny planet...

    Decided to take some time and learn about the different photo options on the spark, usually I just do a video or specific single photos. Did some pano's and then decided do do a spherical. Pleased with the result, all things considered... .
  14. Transplant

    USA users: FAA registration

    For me, it was a no brainer. I registered when I got my original Phantom in 2016. At that time, it cost $5, but was refunded (to encourage registration?). They dropped the registration rule in May of 2017 but then restored it in December. The FAA extended the expiration date until December 12...
  15. Transplant

    Launching a Phantom 4 from a boat sailing at 30 knots.

    LOL! There's one at the bottom of the sea near New Zealand from the previous race!