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  1. Andre Levite

    GPS error preventing RC Home Point

    Every time I try to use RC location for Home Point (rather than drone takeoff location) I get the above error message: Mobile Device GPS Signal is Too Weak. The RC has no GPS antenna so it is referring the the phone as the problem. But my phone's GPS works fine for maps and all other...
  2. gareth5000

    Perfectly timed RTH

    I was filming the tug, I knew it was coming but the timing was sweet. Goto 4.04
  3. R

    ATTI mode Spark question.

    So I know there's no ATTI mode in the spark (without some kind of modification) but if the GPS goes haywire, the drone does go into ATTI mode. Not good for those of us who aren't great at flying yet. I saw a Phantom video where the guy said that when in the ATTI mode (available on the Phantom)...
  4. F

    Anyway to set hovering altitude just before landing?

    Hi all, At the end of RTH when spark is landing it stops at about 0.3-0.5 before actually landing and requests for confirmation. That is very usefull for avoiding landing on water, as an example... well... calmed water. As a diver I find quickshot modes awesome for selfies and dronies...
  5. BrianP

    Spark active tracking-quick Q...

    when a Spark loses sight of you does it stop and hover or return to home please? thanks for any help.
  6. N

    Spark lost altitude and crashed on RTH

    I decided to fly my spark today over an open field trying to see how far I can go with it before it loses signal and come home.. So on a fresh battery I let it flew thinking if it doesnt come home on its own.. I will hit RTH when battery hits 60% trying to be safe. About 2000 ft in.. I lost...
  7. andy_drew

    Near Fly Away!! Please help!

    Hi, I had a really scary moment with my Spark just before Christmas. I'd just re-calibrated my compass and IMU before flying as I’d upgraded to the latest firmware. About 8 mins into my flight and around 34ft from me I got a high wind velocity warning and then a compass error. Then my Spark...
  8. S

    From Mavic to Spark: How to manage distance flight direction?

    Greetings, I am a Mavic owner. I just bought a Spark [Fly More] because I am sick. The promise of "faster/more convenient getting in the air", "less attention-drawing", "easier to pack and carry", "I own both Mavic and Spark and I fly the Spark much more" and "*more fun*" was too seductive...
  9. R

    Cannot cancel while RTH to perform manual landing

    Normally I used the RTH function to descent the drone faster (10kmph), and usually less than 100m i will pause/cancel the RTH so i can fine-tune the landing, especially when there is trees & obstacles around. However yesterday night, I cannot cancel while on RTH function. I was very lucky that...
  10. L

    Palm Land during RTH?

    Has anyone figured this out yet? I keep trying it, but have to end up grabbing the drone and inverting it 90 degrees to stop the motors. It seems to disable this during RTH, but I do not understand why. Palm landing would be preferable in many situations: on a boat, or dirty ground, for example.
  11. O

    RTH - Return To Home

    Is there a way to turn off automatic RTH (Return To Home)? Would like to fly underneath trees or even in the woods. Also like to fly indoors. Need Spark to just stay in place with loss of signal. With loss of signal I can't even override the RTH. But I can move in to recapture the signal.
  12. James White

    Behaviour When entering no fly zone

    Does anyone know what the default behavior is if you unintentionally stray into a no fly zone? I would expect an RTH, but have heard stories of the drone just shutting down, would be good to know the facts rather than some YouTubers claims. Not had it happen yet, but there is a lot of restricted...