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  1. A

    Spark wifi signal issues

    Hi, I just received my DJI Spark yesterday and tried to link it with my phone (a OnePlus 3 with Android 8.0.0). When I started the drone for the first time, I successfully found the wifi signal on my phone and connected it to my phone but I'm unable to find it anymore (while it can be found on...
  2. M

    No Wifi Network From Spark RC

    Hi, I got the Spark first, and it works fine when using the iphone 7 as controller. I then purchased a Spark RC, and couldn't get it to pair with my phone because there was no Wifi network for the controller. DJI sent me a replacement, and I'm having the same issue. I've tried all the various...
  3. T

    Wi-Fi connect/disconnect and repeat??

    Hi guys and gals, Flying my new spark today and loving it. Have the fly more combo. Second day flying it today. I was in a little more populated area. Using a LG G6 phone with controller no OTG cable. Spark responded fine to radio but would discounted and then re connect for a couple...
  4. S

    New User in the UK - OTG or Wifi and which channel

    Hi All, Brand new to drones and haven't even taken my new spark up for a test flight. I've done a lot of reading and watching and need help with the following. I own a spark and the controller. I have an OTG connector and I have an iPhone 7plus. Should I use the OTG as i've recently read...
  5. D

    Can't connect to spark via Android Pixel XL 8.1

    Hi everyone. Long time Phantom pilot here first time spark pilot. I jumped on the 399 Amazon deal for the spark and it arrived yesterday. I can connect to the craft via my iPad but not my phone. When I go to connect my phone connects to the sparks wifi but doesn't ever leave the wifi screen...
  6. G

    Tablet with Spark question

    in order to use a tablet with the spark drone does the tablet have to have LTE or can it be WIFI only? My thought is if only WIFI then would still need to use a phone as the mobile hotspot but just trying to verify this.
  7. V

    1st Flight of day: SparkRC Wifi SSID only works after restart the RC

    Hi guys, I'm with an issue: on my 1st flight of the day, I turn on the Spark and then the RC and a few seconds the RC is linked to the Spark (green led indicator) but the Wifi SSID does not work. I have to turn of the RC, turn it on again, wait for the new link with Spark (it`s more fast then...
  8. J

    Cannot see RC Wifi to connect to phone

    Hi Guys Wishing you can help me, i cannot see the RC wifi name in my phone, I only connected to my phone one time and after the last update im not able to see the RC wifi in my phone anymore. I already tested pressing the botton per 9 seconds in the controller and still the Wifi is not in the...
  9. M

    .600 update always 5.8gh???

    After the update .600 the ac always start in 5.8gh wifi signal. I dont have controller only mobile device galaxy note 4 Now every time i keep the on button until reset the wifi settings to connect to mobile WELL DONE DJI !!!! any sollution please
  10. Y

    Noob Questions - First time Drone user

    Hello hello, just bought myself a Spark Combo with RC, tried it out for a few weeks and I have a couple of questions: After I paired the RC with the Spark I cannot find the Spark's wifi when I dont't use the RC. It means I can only fly my Spark with the RC unless I hold the Spark's power button...
  11. Lancelot

    Range and Connection issue: What to check

    As I have seen many great answers around the range and connection issue, I thought there should be a thread that sum this all up, so that new people/ people looking for solution doesnt have to look into different threads and/or open up its own thread. This thread will be updated, so all...
  12. Mako79

    What an unrestricted wifi spark does - speed and 350m range

    For scientific purposes
  13. P

    Spark range on 5.8GHz better than 2.4GHz or OTG

    After latest firmware (01.00.0500) update & latest DJI Go 4 App update (4.1.5), I noticed that range seems to be improved. I decided to do a test from a multistory parking (to get a better VLOS) using OTG vs WIFI. To my surprise, I got best results (1.2 miles / 2KM range & a perfect signal...
  14. V

    Spark RC linking issue after switching from mobile connection

    Hi, I am new to DJI and spark is my first drone. I have successfully linked my spark with RC as required and it works fine both on wifi and even with otg. Now when I switch connection and I press the power button for 6s and turn on wifi to use spark via mobile it starts functioning via...
  15. Dronason

    First flight, idiot mistake with wifi

    I made my first flight today with my new Spark and this is to share it. I have some experience with "new" stuff from DJI but it was for me the first drone to fly using just an android phone, no RC, I was a little afraid. So first read manuals, check forums (sign in to SparkPilots, so good...
  16. DesertWindAero

    Upgrading firmware via WiFi

    This may sound like a dumb question...but, why do you have to be connected to a WiFi network to download firmware updates? My device (iPad, iPhone) is connected via Verizon LTE...is that not good enough? Thanks in advance...
  17. R

    USB OTG connection with an iPhone

    Hi, This morning I flew with my iPhone connected to the RC directly through an OTG adapter and a lightning cable. Everything worked pretty well, and I don't have any specific issues. However, I've noticed the following and I'd like to know if other people are seeing the same. Upon connecting...

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