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  1. D

    Experiment Help

    I need a thorough method to calculate the Lift Force with the DJI Spark using existing values like weight and stuff. I need to do the experiment on THU and I have no clue. Pls help
  2. D


    I need a relationship between the joystick and the amount moved with the RPM of the drone. I basically need a very good method to calculate the lift force of the drone
  3. iDroneRepair

    Drone Repairs

    Good Afternoon Everyone, New member here just wanting to ask a few questions around drone repairs. I am looking to set up a drone repair business in Sheffield UK, I will be going online though so that people will be able to send their drones from all over the UK. What is the current situation...
  4. A

    one Back LED flashing green

    Hi! So this is my first thread and I needed help with a couple of things, I have just replaced one of the old escs with a new one but the issue is that the esc blinks green continuously while the other back light is doing the normal self diagnostics light. The motor also does not do a sort of...
  5. theletter3

    Spark Sudden Signal Loss and Fly Away

    Hi All, I just made an account in the hope that someone can review my flight log and let me know if I'm missing something that could help me find my drone. On August 2nd I had a strong signal, suddenly lost signal, initiated RTH, and then the drone reported a compass error and disconnected for...
  6. dougiefresh27

    Bought a used Spark, drifting while hovering & altitude wrong

    OK, so my first "real drone" was a used Spark. Probably my biggest error. But I got it with a controller for $215 which is a heck of a deal or so I thought. No visible scratches or anything, perfect condition. I connect my phone via cable to the remote, make sure all is updated, home point...
  7. I

    Can't cache to Sd Card!

    When i press 'Cache to Sd card' on the settings, i can't see my drone Sd card in the phone settings, any help?
  8. D

    Newbie in Pittsburgh

    Brand new Spark owner here, in South Hills of Pgh. I’ve always wanted a drone for my (very amateur) photography...and just for the fun of flying (I’m an RN and used to fly Medevac for a living). I was so excited to get my new drone. For months I was researching which drone to buy, and I figured...
  9. S

    Compass Error help needed

    hey guys i am new to forum but not new to this hobby i have been flying since last 6 7 years been flying rc helis and planes and been using phantom 1 and 3 since last 4 years i recently bought spark 3 months ago and loving it until today something very strange happened it was all good after 4 5...
  10. B

    Stick Not Centered RC Loud beep failed dial calibration

    I searched and wasn’t able to find any help. When I turn remote on after a few seconds I get a red rapid loud beep. It says “Stick Not Centered” (even though they look like they are). I go to calibrate remote, I run sticks around square box without issue then on the next page my physical left...
  11. K

    Spark is being pushed around in the wind!

    I have had my drone for a little while (purchased on boxing day) and have had lots of fun flying it. But it has come to the point where I am very frustrated with flying in minimal wind conditions. Whenever I fly the drone gets pushed by the wind, even if there is next to no wind! I am curious...
  12. T

    Spark acting really strange

    Okay, I'll try to be as brief as possible. (sorry if I wrote something wrong, I'm Brazilian). Today I went flying my Spark on the beach, and it started acting strange. I took off the Spark, and when it hit around an altitude of 30 meters and a distance of 50 meters, the app said I had reached...
  13. Andym15

    Camera Pointing All The Way Down

    Does the camera on the DJI Spark point all the way down (90 degrees I believe)? I tried to angle the camera all the way down to see what was directly below me but couldn’t get the camera to do it! Does this only happen happen in Sport mode? Or will it go all the way down when you switch the...
  14. C

    Compression in video?

    Is it me or is the footage from my Spark very compressed? Is there a way to change this? A setting in the app or something? Thanks! Some footage I shot today:
  15. S

    New User in the UK - OTG or Wifi and which channel

    Hi All, Brand new to drones and haven't even taken my new spark up for a test flight. I've done a lot of reading and watching and need help with the following. I own a spark and the controller. I have an OTG connector and I have an iPhone 7plus. Should I use the OTG as i've recently read...
  16. Justin

    No 360 pano

    Hi! I've updated the formaware, my remote and ensured I have the current version of the dji go4 app but in my pano options I don't see a 360 option :( Anyone got any ideas? J
  17. R

    Lost Dji spark. My fault?

    Hi, I was wondering if you guys could tell me if this was my fault that my dji spark failed to return home and fell into the ocean. After doing the function "dronie", I commanded it to return home but it immediately lost connection and I was unable to reconnect therefore, it didn't land...
  18. R

    Stiff/thight motor after crash and HOW i solve it.

    Hello pilots! A few days ago, i've chrashed my spark, after that i noticed that 1 motor was thight, when i flew the drone it was not 100% stable, and when i landed it, the stiffed motor was very hot. So i search for help in google, but no lucky, so i decided to try to repair my drone. i've...
  19. M

    My Spark's Live Video Feed Keeps Cutting Out Mid-Flight

    Hey, Just got my Spark and so far so good except for the fact that my Live Video Feed (on the DJI GO4 app) seems to cut out after about 100m... Is this normal? How can I try fix this? Also, on a completely separate note: is there any obvious reason that everyone else's video footage seems to...
  20. V

    Need help fixing minor damage

    Crashed my spark today when I accidentally flew it right into a tree. It fell from about 10ft onto the street. The only damage was this LED cover that came off. The cover has four little clips, one of them is partially torn off, and two of them are slightly bent inward. Any advice on how to...