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Flying Spark with Controller indoors casting to 50 inch TV


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Oct 16, 2018
A few months back I got a new Samsung 7 Series TV, 2019 model and recently discovered it has something known to me as AirPlay 2.

From a Gen 6, 9.7 inch Ipad I can press Screen Mirroring and Samsung 7 comes up. Select it and I can use the ipad without glasses from my recliner. The Ipad is essentially just a keyboard for me then. I have done casting and such in the past and it was flakey from android devices.

Its been so stable I decided to give it a try with Dji Go 4 in flight.

It has issues that are not unexpected.

Using a Spark controller from inside a metal sided mobile home cant be good for signal.

I got some frame freeze and some lag on the tv screen that didnt seem to be on the ipad.....

Control seemed good but my distance was minimal.

If i had taken the tv outside there would have been sun washout. In first pic see glare from just a window on the screen.

Pic two shows a Airdata KML imported into Earth Pro. I see yhe yellow and green bars...This came from Airdatas Signal Notifications page.

Pic 3 is the numeric data and it shows no Signal Errors and 100% Calculated Radio Link.
Im just guessing here but thoughts are maybe the control link was solid and maybe Video link issues were shown by yellow.....could be other way around.

I welcome analysis.

Goal is to put a 20 something or so display in back of my SUV so the numbers and gauges are clearer witout glasses.


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