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Recent content by Buckybuck

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    DJI Go 4.2.20

    I also had a dreadful experience with 4.2.20, including app crashes and having video recording repeatedly start and stop on its own. Here's where I got the 4.2.16 version: DJI GO 4-For drones since P4 APKs - APKMirror
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    Spark disconnected from controller

    Same experience, plus my Spark now ignores the Record button and decides to start and stop recording whenever the hell it feels like it. I've also been prompted to re-enter my new password a couple of times. Makes no difference whether I'm connected to the controller by wifi or OTG cable. I...
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    2 Spark Batteries for $75 at Best Buy

    How? I don't see that option on the Best Buy website.
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    Droning on and on about my cabin

    Serif MoviePlus X5. Old software that's no longer supported, but it's fairly easy to use and best of all works on my old computer. I've tried some of the newer programs and they won't even load. I also have Sony Vegas Pro 11 and Shotcut. One thing I've noticed is that the raw video files from...
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    Droning on and on about my cabin

    Spring finally arrived this week in the part of the U.S. where I live, and I was finally able to get to a getaway cabin I own. I brought my new Spark with me and filmed my first video. One thing I noticed is that when I tried to reduce the frame rate to 25 (for a more cinematic look...
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    Looks like otg android is back and app download new app 4.2.16 587 Monday 21st May.

    Yeah! It showed up on the Play Store today for me in the U.S. I was beginning to think 4.2.12 was a prank you veterans were playing on us newbies.:) Now maybe I can use my Samsung Tab A tablet; the video was too laggy on wifi to use it with my Spark.
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    How to use a power bank to charge Spark?

    OK, got it. I gotta agree with Genchau; not enough amps there. I looked at the same item you show just above here, but decided for three dollars US more I'd give the 3-in-1 a chance. It definitely charges a battery faster than charging from the Spark's USB port. Dunno if that's good or bad, or...
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    How to use a power bank to charge Spark?

    I don't understand how you're planning to use the USB to 12-volt adapter. What sort of power bank are you talking about? I've used a 20000 mah USB power bank and just plugged a USB cable from it into the Spark and it charged the battery. I also just got one of those 3-in-1 chargers you show in...
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    Is it still possible to download maps in the Go 4 app android version?

    I'm pretty sure that on my Android devices, running version 4.2.8, DJI Go is using OpenStreetMap, rather than Google Maps. The map physical features, like ponds, that display in DJI Go seem to be identical to those that show on walking apps I have that I know are using OpenStreetMap. And when I...
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    $350 DJI Spark or $150 Yuneec Breeze?

    Actually, on the very last day in Adorama's 30-day-return window and just as I was getting ready to start the return process, Adorama came through with the "free" remote. Everything's good now, except $153 sounds a lot better price!
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    Apple IPad 5th gen 32gb tablets on sale at Best Buy for $279

    Ouch, Beachcoming, you're right. I tried my iPad again today and the map worked perfectly. I swear it was blank when I tried using the iPad a couple of times last week. So now I have all sorts of options for flying. Thanks!
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    Apple IPad 5th gen 32gb tablets on sale at Best Buy for $279

    I have a non-cellular, wifi-only iPad Air 2 that does not have GPS. I'm using DJI Go 4.2.8. At least on my iPad and the 4.2.8 version of Go, there is no obvious way to cache maps, meaning I do not have access to maps while in the field. I can view a map in DJI Go while connected to my home...
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    DJI Go 2.4.8 and offline maps, ios versus Android

    Finally. It stopped raining for a short while and I got to fly my Spark. I used one of my Android phones and the maps that I had cached on it three days ago were still there. It looks to me like DJI Go 4 is using OpenStreetMap rather than Google Maps, at least on Android. Does that sound right?
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    DJI Go 2.4.8 and offline maps, ios versus Android

    I don't think the Android version of DJI Go uses Google Maps. The box that pops up when you click the Information button in the lower right side of the Go 4 map lists Mapbox and Openstreetmap as the map sources. Also, I opened the same geographic area up in Go 4 and Google Maps on my Android...
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    DJI Go 2.4.8 and offline maps, ios versus Android

    Relative newbie here. As a matter of fact, I haven’t even flown my Spark yet; it’s been raining ever since I got everything connected. But I’m soooo confused/leery about offline/cached maps that I’m willing to get smacked with the “Search box is your friend” paddle anyway. I have a wifi-only...