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Recent content by lightbg

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    Good starter drones for kids

    I would suggest this: Inductrix Indoor, outdoor with minimal wind, tough as nails. This was the basis for the “Tiny Whoop”. $50.00 USD W/ transmitter. Jake
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    Santa, Sparky needs a strobe

    I did the Velcro on the front left arm with a white, and the left rear with a red strobe. No balance problems yet, but I mount a Marco Polo tracker on the right side of the hull for flights over unknown terrain. At a distance if I lose orientation i yaw until I see only the white flash, then...
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    Santa, Sparky needs a strobe

    4 years ago when nobody stateside was selling them, I ordered 6 Flytron strobesfrom England. Once the order went through Royal Mail I received them in about 10 days. Still hold a charge and work great. Jake
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    FT Aviator: A whole new way to fly your DJI drone

    I created this thread at Mavic Pilots. I'm using a mic stand instead of a tripod, but same idea. Cheap Base Station Jake
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    FT Aviator: A whole new way to fly your DJI drone

    The above is all nice and accurate, but the bad news is at this time it’s not compatible with the Spark series. Scroll down to see the current models: Aviator model compatibility Jake
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    Spark or Q500

    Avoid the Q500 at all costs. As mentioned above my 2nd serious drone was a Typhoon Q and it was fine for the first year. Since then things really went downhill, including a flyaway that thankfully didnt do any damage and was recovered. Biggest problem is support. Yuneec hasn’t updated the drone...
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    Violated pigeon airspace

    My Spark and Mavic seem to attract birds all the time. Here's a short of a flock of cranky crows: This is from last summer with a few hawks that came out of nowhere: Jake
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    What did you call your spark?

    Crimson Tide
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    got my spark tonight

    The Spark will wind up becoming your go-to bird simply because of the ease of transport and quick setup. We spoke a few times at the Yuneec forum and I guess I came over to the dark side first. No regrets. I use my Spark more than my Mavic because there is no pressure for production values, just...
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    Light for Spark

    No Problem. The Strobon's weigh in at 4 grams, so it might take 30 seconds off your flight time............. Drag is negligible, if even measurable. Look at a Spark from the front: with the gimbal all exposed there has to be some kind of turbulence and drag created at that point, but it seems to...
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    Light for Spark

    The Strobons are entirely self contained - battery and all. On a full charge you will get over 2+ hours time. They use no power from the ship and charge with a standard USB cable that you charge your Android phone with. I attach mine with Velcro but Mike's brackets are first class and balance...
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    First time flying the Spark

    Nice first effort, beautiful countryside, good perspective from ground and airborne points of view. Keep at it and start saving for a Mavic Pro........... Jake
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    Am I the oldest drone buyer

    According to this it would take quite a few batteries to reach you from my house: How Far is it Between South Wales, Mountain Ash, Uk and Rockaway, Nj, Usa It wouldn't let me enter Neath, so I'm hoping Mountain Ash isn't too far....... Jake
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    iPad help/recommendations

    A couple of thoughts.... Since Apple debuted their new 2018 iPad two days ago, it's got some fairly serious horsepower and the 32gb wifi model is $329.00 USD, so that's smack in the middle of refurbished money. When I first got my Mavic Pro I used my iPad mini2 with 32 gb and it was fine. Best...
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    If you use a mount for your mini this is the way to go: HOODMAN They also make an extension but I haven't found that necessary. Hooks on with 3 straps and sits on the screen so it doesn't matter if you have a case or not. Jake