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Recent content by shorttimer

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    This is rather interesting.... UFOs?

    It appears they are moving east as today in the Denver Post they are being reported in NE Colorado and 1 county in Nebraska. Lincoln County sheriff, Tom Nestor says “I don’t know what it is, but I would like it not to be in my county.”...
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    What is the Highest in Altitude have you taken Mr. Spark?

    I've had mine up to 7900 feet. But then I live at 7500 feet. Yes, I always stay at 400 feet or below - always have. Just don't see any need to go any higher.
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    Spark Max Speed

    What a novel concept - reading the manual...
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    My experience selling on spark pilots

    I know a couple of people that sold Mavics and Phantoms on ebay and the buyer complained it was faulty and of course every buyer got their $$$ back. One guy got his Mavic back completely wrecked and paypal sided with the buyer like always. I was lucky to get one of those Micro Center $399 white...
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    Drone Insurance

    The State Farm will cover virtually any loss except fraud. It does not cover liability but my State Farm homeowners covers that. If you crash it, it flies away, you forget it on top of your car and drive off, it falls down the stairs... all are covered. Mine covered all the DJI piecesand case...
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    Spark controller not charging

    Brianc, I read at least two other instances where somebody damaged the usb port. The thing about on the controller is if you look at it it is hard to see which side is the rounded side and which side it the flat side. What I do is take a USB cable and I insert it into my controller and then once...
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    Drone Insurance

    Mine just renewed and it is still $60. It is called a "Personal Articles Policy." I have my Spark, P3P and Mavic covered, all under the same policy. They do not cover my iPad.
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    So he sold it for $920 and with eBay/Paypal fees he will net about $800. Remember when people were selling their Mavics they had "in hand" on eBay? They were selling in excess of $2k and that was for the fly less. But there was unbelievable demand for the Mavic. I see the Air is still...
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    DJI NYC Event

    I agree the connection is going to be the biggie. Rumor is that it uses same remote as Mavic. So say it does use Occusync with the 3 axis gimbal, 4k60, OA front, back, bottom it would be nice indeed. Can't imagine what they would put in Mavic Pro 2 that would make it so much better unless it...
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    DJI NYC Event

    I think it is a 3 axis and isn't a 32MP camera but 32MP in pano mode. The connection and whether it is wifi or Occusync is going to be the issue for most people I believe.
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    Will the Mavic Air replace the Spark

    Thanks to all who are taking the time to post the photos - much appreciated. Have to wait for all the details but right now I am completely happy with my P3P, Mavic and Sparks.
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    DJI NYC Event

    If that is the case it out to be interesting to see how many people jump on it that already have both a Spark and a Mavic.
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    Fly Records

    If I understand this correctly.... Your flight(s) should be on your tablet. You need make sure you are logged into your DJI account on the tablet then sync the flights. It will upload them to the cloud. Then after they are uploaded to the cloud you should be able to view them on a different...
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    Official DJI Adventure Unfolds video

    Thanks avis... Yea, there is some talk of a Mavic Air between the size of the Spark and Mavic. Wonder if they have something that is weatherproof as well. We'll know in a week.
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    DJI NYC Event

    That's certainly welcoming news as I have space in my hangar. Now I need to start saving my pennies as the event is only about a week away.