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Recent content by thecommodore

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    Red Spark fly more combo w extras (UK)

    Hi selling my red dji spark its a replacement from DJI so i'm guessing its not brand new maybe a refurb? unsure but either way its never been flown! comes with: Remote 2 batteries (1 brand new) other used maybe 6 times 2 sets of unused new props Charging dock(non uk but comes with UK adapter)...
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    Another Lost spark / flyaway

    Just had a reply from DJI. They are sending me a replacement drone which if i'm honest i'm going to sell as I've kinda lost faith and don't want to risk £400 flying away again. I did also ask if they'd be replacing the 64gb samsung microsd card i had in the device... The email: Thanks for your...
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    Another Lost spark / flyaway

    I've sent the logs in and opened a support ticket. i'm hoping that they are able to see that it wasn't an error of mine that caused the fly away but we shall see.
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    Another Lost spark / flyaway

    DJI Flight Log Viewer - PhantomHelp.com
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    Another Lost spark / flyaway

    River, a little village in dover and yeah I felt the wind it wasn't massively bad at the time, i didn't take it up very high either maybe 80ft i'm trying to get the flight record on the app i can see it but in the folders on my phone theres nothing with the same date. Its one of my biggest...
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    Another Lost spark / flyaway

    So i've had my spark about 1.5 months and I was just flying it in my friends village same place I've flown it before. Usually in this area i've flown it around 400 FT away and its been fine some disconnects and RTH. But this time i was under 200ft away could clearly see it. I was trying out...
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    The pause button is your friend!

    how does this work with atti mode? from my understanding the drone is very susceptible to wind while in atti mode in the sense that will drift heavily?
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    Looks like otg android is back and app download new app 4.2.16 587 Monday 21st May.

    ****. I get mine out about 400ft and it starts cutting out and returning to home lol convinced i must be doing something wrong
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    Dover, Kent & Epping Forest, London

    Just a few pictures I've taken recently using my spark, I haven't edited the pictures at all or changed any settings on the spark. Still getting used to the little fella.
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    Looks like otg android is back and app download new app 4.2.16 587 Monday 21st May.

    **** you guys are really getting some distance! i think the furthest i've got is 400ft before it cuts out or lags and auto RTH. This is in the UK on auto for the wifi. I do wonder if i'm doing something wrong sometimes
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    UK or Foriegn drone

    To be honest if its the same price id leave it. I have heard if it has any issues that are covered by warranty it needs to be sent back to the country of purchase to be fixed. I bought mine from a website called Tobydeals it was £400 for the fly more combo and i've had zero issues the same...
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    Props damaged by grass?

    Yeah i think it was probably them aswell. there are some grass stains but i don't feel like it was the grass, i've stopped using the holder and will probably just take the props off when packing into a bag now. Just makes the setup process that bit longer
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    Is atti mode something to be scared of?

    had it go into atti mode yesterday while messing around with sports mode, it only changed for a second and then went back to GPS. if you're flying GPS and lose connection with the drone it will RTH, but what happens if you're flying GPS lose connection & drone goes atti mode? will it still try...
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    Looks like otg android is back and app download new app 4.2.16 587 Monday 21st May.

    Had a bit of a weird one just now flew it out lost signal an it RTH but usually when it gets back in range the video feed comes back this time it stayed at no signal even after closing an reopening the app and the drone was literally in my hand. Was connected OTG phone in aeroplane mode.
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    Looks like otg android is back and app download new app 4.2.16 587 Monday 21st May.

    does this impact the fact that when i fly with OTG I put my phone into aeroplane mode? and is there an easy way to download the whole of the UK as a map? right now its just a tiny box bit annoying